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LOS ANGELES: Andy Lecompte Salon

Whether you live in LA or are visiting, Andy Lecompte Salon is THE hair destination. Founded by Mane Masters Leanne Citrone and Andy Lecompte, this salon caters to everyone from the average person to celebrities and a-listers. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the salon, don’t be surprised if you see a familiar face, or a stylist filming a how-to while you’re getting your hair done. Whether you are looking for balayage highlights (George Papanikolas), a crazy color (Danny Moon), or a chic haircut (Leanne Citrone), every stylist at Andy Lecompte Salon is talented and capable.

Co-owner, Leanne gave us a few words about the salon…

“We wanted to create a clean, elegant space designed with a “homey” feel where our clients can relax and feel comfortable. It was critical to us to have a team of kind professionals so that our clients could come and get their hair done and not feel intimidated by any stuffy attitudes. We wanted to be equipped with a rather versatile staff of talented artists – a unique team assembled to meet the needs of all types of clients. Whether a client is conservative or edgy, we wanted them to be paired with the right artist to meet their needs.

andy lecompte salon leanne citrone

One thing that sets us apart from other salons is our amazing TEAM of ARTISTS that are so kind and patient and have so much talent and versatility to offer to our clientele. They are truly an eclectic mix and equally strong in all of their unique talents. We really believe that “the difference is in the details”, and this is the one thing that inspired us the most and became our primary focus in the salon. It was our guiding principle throughout the process of building, opening, and day-to-day operations. 

When obstacles came our way, we would always bring it back to talking about how elegant we wanted the client experience to be, for example: we serve coffee and tea on eclectic vintage trays, a detail that is often boasted about in our clients’ initial Twitter and Instagram posts. I believe that comfort starts when you walk in the door and you’re immediately treated like royalty. When a service starts with this type of experience, its only going to relax the client and get the service off on the right foot. And when the client leaves with that amazing look, we’ve hopefully created an experience that was pleasurable from start to finish. Even when there are obstacles with things such as scheduling with our extremely busy and talented artists, we believe we create an environment where the client feels like it’s more than worth their time when their hair is amazing and they feel great while in the chair.”


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