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Anthony Turner Reveals How to Create the Wet Reflective Braid at Kenzo

Sleek Low Looped Braid at Kenzo by Anthony Turner

“This year at Kenzo, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim really want to pay homage to Kenzo himself,” explains key hairstylist Anthony Turner for Bumble and bumble backstage at the show. “

Sleek Low Looped Braid at Kenzo by Anthony Turner

“When I think of the hayday of Kenzo, I think of the 1980’s. That whole time period that was very interesting, very exciting, and it was all about nighttime, the parties.”

Sleek Low Looped Braid at Kenzo by Anthony Turner

“What we did is use loads and loads of gel, so the hair feels very reflective, almost like vinyl. Humberto and Carol really loved the ideal of these girls walking on the streets outside and the streets reflecting on their hair; that kind of romantic vision. We used the Bumble and bumble bb gel on small sections very close to the head, then created a low side part. The side part created an almost masculine, androgynous style; tough with an attitude.”

Sleek Low Looped Braid at Kenzo by Anthony Turner


  1. Apply Bumble and bumble gel to small sections of hair then press hair down close to the head.
  2. Secure the hair with a band at the nape of the neck the wet the ponytail with Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray.
  3. Loop the ponytail onto itself, then secure with another band.
  4. Add Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil for more shine.

2 minutes

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