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7 Anti-Aging Products That Are Basically Eye Cream for Your Hair

Okay, what if we told you that just like every other part of your body, your hair also ages? And, we’re not just talking about going gray. It’s a proven fact that the older you get, the more brittle, dry, and dull your hair becomes… and who wants that? Count us out. Even the way your hair colors, styles, and dries can change as you age. Just because anti-aging isn’t a big buzzword in the haircare industry yet doesn’t mean it’s not important. Every night, you probably layer on product after product on your face trying to prevent wrinkles, lines, and sunspots. But what about anti-aging hair products for your tresses? Just like your skin, your locks will benefit in the long run from anti-aging hair products. Below are seven products that are just like an eye cream for your hair!

Klorane Color-Enhancing Leave-In Cream: $18

A leave-in cream like this one from Klorane will nourish your hair throughout the day. And, it’s so easy to use. All you have to do is apply two or three pea-sized amounts on the lengths and ends of towel-dried or dry hair. Its key ingredient is mother-of-pearl which intensifies shine and has a highly concentrated UV filter that protects against color oxidation. Basically, you can forget dull, old-looking hair and embrace shiny, vibrant color.

Olly Undeniable Beauty Multivitamins: $13.99

A big sign of aging when it comes to hair is thinning, and the best way to treat thinning hair is from within. Besides a hair-healthy diet, make sure to try Olly’s Undeniable Beauty Vitamins, with an expert blend of biotin, borage oil, and powerful antioxidants. Consider these yummy gummies your on-call glam squad because these little powerhouses will flood your system with all the good stuff, like collagen.

Slip Silk Pillowcase: $89

If you haven’t already, make the switch from cotton to a silk pillowcase, let us break down why you should. Traditional cotton pillowcases don’t slip, and over time, this causes damage to your delicate facial skin and hair. Cotton also scratches and tugs on the skin and pulls at your hair, which results in visible premature aging and damaged hair. Slip Silk Pillowcases are so gentle and they allow the skin and hair to glide across the surface—protecting and hydrating skin, reducing split ends, and ensuring a longer-lasting blowout. Plus, sleeping on a silk pillowcase sounds and feels super fabulous. Make the change ASAP.

Windle & Moodie Essential Oils Hair Elixir: $49

Nutrient-rich oils are a healthy hair no-brainer. This one in particular from Windle & Moodie is a pre-cleanse and is a beautiful blend of apricot, coconut, camellia, and oat natural oils. Because it’s a pre-cleanse, you want to apply the oil evenly to dry sections of hair before you shower, twisting and massaging it into the hair 15 minutes prior to showering. Then, wash out excess oil for nourished and glossy hair.

Living Proof Timeless Pre-Shampoo Treatment: $19.80

Pre-shampoo treatments are a relatively new category but are right on the money as far as preventative anti-aging hair products. This one from Living Proof’s Timeless line is activated by shampoo and has UV absorbers and strengthens hair, all while keeping your color vibrant. They claim it reduces breakage by 85% while also protecting and enhancing your color.

Macvoil Conditioning Hair Mask: $30

The entire Macvoil line is great for aging, dry hair, especially the Deep Conditioning Hair Masque. It’s an advanced Moroccan, macadamia, argan, and cypress oil therapeutic treatment that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to replenish moisture in the hair. It even claims to reverse harm done by chemicals, thermal damage, and environmental pollutants. Can’t argue with that!

Alterna Haircare Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo: $35

Alterna’s Caviar line is the OG in terms of anti-aging for hair, and the Replenishing Moisture Shampoo is one of the most popular products in that line. The shampoo restores and rebalances moisture while protecting color and improving the overall appearance of dry, brittle hair. It’s also infused with Alterna’s Age-Control Complex, which includes caviar extract, vitamin C, and cytokines.

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