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Are You Guilty of Appropriating Black Hairstyles? (The Answer is Probably Yes)–And More Must Read Stories This Week

June 2020 may have planted the seeds of change but that doesn’t mean the fight to end systemic racism is over. Education is at the core of breaking the status quo, even down to the clothes we wear, the slang we use and the hairstyles we rock. Are you guilty of appropriating black culture? Probably. But in case you need to self check, we’ve got a fab read from our partners at Femestella on this.

Plus, the summer hair color that’s sweeping the ‘gram and Yara Shahidi is raving about her good hair day, thanks to Pattern–Tracee Ellis Ross’ new hair line that’s quickly becoming a huge hit. Shop our fave Pattern Curl Gel $25 and Pattern Leave-In Conditioner $25.

Speaking of natural texture–HERE’s our review of Dove’s Amplified Texture on 2C and 4C hair.

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