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Apps Hairstylists Use for Chair Rentals

If you’re an independent hair stylist renting a chair at a salon, you need a way for your clients to be able to book with you that you can control easily and is user friendly. There are so many options out there ranging from complicated software to easy-to-operate apps, so we’ve put together a break down of the top three apps hairstylists use for their bookings.

1. Vagaro

Vagaro is simple and easy to use for both the customer and the stylist. Some of its features include online booking for multiple platforms, customer tracking, marketing, POS and credit card processing and much more. It’s easy to use interface makes booking a breeze and gives you a full calendar view to keep track of your clients.

via Vagaro

2. Acuity

Acuity is more personalisable in that it allows you to display your logo and business’s colors. It has four different plans you can choose from depending on how large your team is and what features you need. Clients are able to see your availability in real-time and pay online right from the app. For each plan you are able to do a trial run of seven days to make sure you find a plan that is right for you.

via Acuity

3. Salon Iris

Salon iris does not offer any free plans, but the pricing is great for what you get. It offers five different plans to suit individual or team needs and also includes support and training to help get your calendar up and running. It also offers additional add-on features to help grow your business and manage your clients and revenue.

via Salon Iris

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