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Après Ski Chic Hairstyles to Look Stylish on the Slopes

Fall is on its way out…and you know what that means. Time to hit the slopes, in style of course! Whether you’re big into snowy sports or just big into winter lodge lounging, mastering your seasonal mane is a must. From pigtails and updos you can wear with a helmet to loose hanging waves for warming up by the fire, we have all the ski chic hairstyle inspo you need to get through this cold weather. Check out our seven favorite après ski chic hairstyles below.

1. Pigtails

Low, wavy pigtails are so versatile. This is just the look to keep your mane out of the wind while you take on the slopes in style.

2. Beanie

This one is a classic. You can’t get through cold weather without a beanie. Take it from snowboarding Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim.


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A post shared by Chloe Kim (@chloekim)

3. Baby Braids

Avoid the fringe-in-face scenario while you shred that snow. This 90s style is surprisingly sporting.

4. Fluffy Headwear

Not a fan of the beanie? Go for something more daring. This big fluffy hat as seen on Emily Ratajkowski is the epitome of winter chic.


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A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata)

5. Low Braid

The single band braid is a skiing staple. Loose, laidback but functional, this undone braid is the casual updo your winter mane will love.


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6. Natural Waves

Low maintenance is key when it comes to winter tresses. Whether you’re lounging by the fire or getting ready to take on the double diamond, loose waves are always an option.


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7. Low Bun

Another simple updo for a whirlwind kind of winter day. A big scrunchie turns a functional low bun into a chic, vacation-ready aesthetic.


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