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The Best Haircuts, Hair Colors, and More for an Aquarius

We’re saying sayonara to Capricorn season and welcoming Aquarius season with open arms. The sun is now in the fixed air sign until February 18 so it’s time to let your freak flag fly. We figured the best way to prepare for the season was by creating a detailed Aquarius hair guide for all our Aquarius readers out there. Shine this season by sporting one of the best haircuts, hair colors, hairstyles, or even hair accessories for your star sign. Find out what they are below!

Best Haircuts for an Aquarius

An Aquarius wouldn’t be caught dead in a boring ol’ haircut. They need cuts that stand out from the crowd and really make a statement, no matter what that statement may be. The haircuts below are a bit daring though they definitely work for any Aquarius out there.

Half-Shaved Head

The half-shaved head haircut radiates rebellious energy, which is ever-so-fitting for an Aquarius. Even better, the shaved head can be made all your own with a unique design or hair color no one else has.

Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is back and while it is a trendy hairstyle, not everyone would dare to rock it. But, an Aquarius sure would. It makes quite a statement and is also a great conversation piece, not that an Aquarius needs any aid in getting a conversation started.

Asymmetrical Bob

This haircut is tamer compared to the others, though still works for an Aquarius. Symmetry isn’t the sign’s deal, it embraces the messy chaos that life brings. An asymmetrical bob is a reminder that even when things are out of balance, there is still beauty in them.

Octopus Haircut

The octopus haircut is another popular haircut trend we’re seeing. Again, not everyone is bold enough to cut their strands in this disheveled way. There are many delicate layers to this haircut, just as there are when it comes to an Aquarius.

Best Hair Colors for an Aquarius

Platinum blondes and rich brunettes aren’t going to cut it for an Aquarius. They need a ton of color in their lives and on their strands. The hair colors below are by far the best options for any Aquarius out there.

Light Blue

Light blue is the perfect color for an Aquarius, as it just so happens to be one of the sign’s lucky colors. It also feels very airy and free, while still giving off watery vibes. Though Aquarius is an air sign, they are repressed by the water bearer. Yes, it’s confusing, but they love that.


People often forget how wise an Aquarius truly is. They are an air sign, so they’re highly intelligent beings. Silver often evokes wisdom, making the color perfect for the water bearer.

Hot Pink

This hue is not for the faint of heart. A very bold, standout shade, only an Aquarius would feel comfortable showing up to the DMV with hot pink tresses.


Why stick to one color? An Aquarius is multifaceted and deserves a hue that highlights this. Given the rainbow is a spectrum of colors, it will suit an Aquarius quite well. And it will certainly allow the sign to stand out wherever they venture.

Best Hairstyles for an Aquarius

The hairstyles an Aquarius wears need to be just as expressive as the haircut and color. These styles will surely allow the sign to show off their rebellious and independent nature.

Half-Up Space Buns

The zodiac sign is known for being somewhat alien-like in nature so space buns are perfect for them, duh.


An Aquarius can generally get away with their hair looking flawless as is. And if not, all the better. Who says your hair has to be perfectly in place all the time? Definitely not this sign.

Spiked Hair

Spiked strands are always a showstopper. They’ll have everyone talking. No matter the length of the hair, this spiked look can be achieved.

Incredibly Long Hair

Somewhat of a hippie, this zodiac sign can show that off with incredibly long locks. Everyone is cutting their hair short these days so an Aquarius should do the opposite, though we know we don’t have to tell them that.

Best Hair Accessories for an Aquarius

No look is complete without a few standout accessories. These can be used together or individually to really elevate any hairstyle an Aquarius decides to rock that day.

Hair Tinsel

Hair tinsel is becoming more and more popular these days thanks to TikTok. We know an Aquarius likes to go against the norm but this accessory feels so Aquarius. It’s light, bright, and a whole lot of fun.

Hair Charms

These accents can be placed on any hair type to really elevate any look. There’s no such thing as a boring hairstyle when these are laden throughout the strands.


Glitter is often reserved for holidays and special occasions, but an Aquarius can get away with wearing it every single day. Toss some glitter on disheveled bedhead and you’re good to go.

Temporary Hair Color

This isn’t so much an accessory as a product, but it’s still something an Aquarius needs. They enjoy experimenting with their strands as often as possible so a trusty temporary hair color will help them do just that.

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