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Aries Hair Guide: The Best Cuts, Colors, & More for the Zodiac Sign

If you’re feeling a bit more impulsive, bold, and daring these days, blame it on Aries season. That’s right, we’ve officially entered a brand new zodiac year, with Aries season kicking things off. We couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter so we wanted to give all our Aries readers out there something they could use—an Aries hair guide, duh! Scroll below for the best haircuts, colors, and more for this fiery zodiac sign!

Best Haircuts for an Aries

The right haircut is an integral part of anyone’s style. And we just so happen to know a few haircuts that are more than perfect for an Aries.

Shaved Head

A shaved head isn’t easy to pull off, but an Aries can absolutely do just that. It’s a very daring look not many would try.

Blunt Bob

Given that an Aries is very direct, a blunt bob feels oh so fitting for the fiery sign.

Wolf Cut

The piecey wolf cut is a very eclectic style. Everyone wants it, but few dare to get it. And we’re guessing most of those peoples have an Aries placement in their big three.

Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut is a relatively new haircut trend. That means not many people are rocking it, so an Aries can easily be the first. What an Aries will love most about this cut is that it can help them fake shorter hair even when ti’s long.

Best Hair Colors for an Aries

Experimenting with hair colors is where an Aries can have the most fun. Shades that are a bit fiery (i.e. reds and oranges) are always a great option for the sign. But, there are a few more that work too.

Bright Red

You knew this was coming. Not only is Aries a fire sign, making this hue perferfect for them, but it’s also their lucky color. An Aries can never go wrong with bright red.

Fire Ombré

This is a very bold and daring shade, so it’s more than fitting for a bold and daring Aries. Plus, it brings their fiery nature to life—in hair form, at least.

Neon Rainbow

An Aries likes to stand out whenever they enter a room. A multitude of neon hues will definitely help them with that.


White can feel a bit boring for the zodiac sign, but hear us out. It’s essentially a blank canvas for an impulsive Aries who will change their look every hour if they can.

Best Hairstyles for an Aries

Because an Aries is always on the go, they need hairstyles that can keep up with them. So think ponytails, buns, and au natural styles.

Wash and Go

An Aries isn’t one to fuss too intensely over their strands, which is why a wash-and-go style is a great option. They can basically shake it and go, then head on their merry way.


A classic hairstyle, an Aries will find themselves tossing their strands up into a ponytail multiple times throughout the day.

Slicked-Back Bun

An Aries often thrives when their hair is up and off their face. A slicked-back bun is calling their name. Plus, they can add some spikey strands to elevate the style’s edge.

Painted Head

This is more for the Aries who dare to rock the shaved head, but can still apply to those with longer strands. Have some fun with temporary hair dye to create a standout masterpiece.

Best Hair Accessories for an Aries

To finish off this Aries hair guide, we can’t forget to share some of the best accessories for the sign. Consider these absolutely essential!

Claw Clips

Again, an Aries needs their hair up. A trendy claw clip can help with that.

Oversized Scrunchies

Scrunchies are a given for an Aries, as they’re another means to put their tresses up. But for the bold sign, we say stick with oversized scrunchies to really stand out from the crowd.

Clip-In Extensions

For times when an Aries has impulsively cut their strands too short, clip-in extensions can come in handy. They can even be purchased in varying pops of color to use interchangeable from day to day.

Stackable Hair Clips

An Aries can never have too many accessories on their strands. Stackable hair clips give them the option to create a unique and custom look all their own.

Need even more Aries haircut inspo? HERE are nine cuts only the fire sign can pull off!

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