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NEW YORK: Art and Autonomy Salon

It isn’t uncommon for a New York City salon to be found on the second or third floor of the building.  Upon walking through the front door on the first floor leading up to Art and Autonomy, the irresistible scents of Oribe and R+Co flood your senses and you immediately know you’re in the right place as the aroma guides you to their door. Smack in the center of the vibrant SoHo neighborhood, Art and Autonomy is a notably warm and welcoming community all on it’s own. 

art and autonomy

Founded by Noelle Chen and Jeffrey Jagling, the quaint team of 10 all come from a strong background in education. Their team’s varied backgrounds compromise of all leading brands in the mane industry – Aveda, Bumble & Bumble, Keratese, Vidal Sasoon, Arroyo, Goldwell, Toni & Guy, Shu Uemera, L’Oreal, and Redken. Needless to say, there is nothing this team of hairdressers doesn’t know how to do. If you need a specialist for curly hair, short hair, barbering, or color correction, they are sure to have your needs met, and it can be rare to find all those skills in one place, believe it or not. Though this all-star team has graced the backstages of some of the most prestigious runway shows including Louis Vuitton, Rodarte, 3.1 Philip Lim, The Row, Marchesa, Theory and many more, each stylist prefers to focus their career on the relationships with their clients. It’s those prioritized relationships and their dedication to serve that truly set this salon apart from the rest. 

art and autonomy

Art and Autonomy’s launch this year has been full of momentum. After visiting their new humble abode, we took our soft, voluminous blowouts up to the rooftop – yes, they have a rooftop – and were sent home with a small gold-zippered tote full of travel size goodies and a visual step-by-step styling guide, all in celebration of their opening. Not only did they provide us with a warm welcome and tips + tricks to take home, but their canvas gift bag has served as a daily (printed) reminder that “it’s okay to tease.” 

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