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Ashish Uk Glittered Manes

It was a scene like a glitterized dream;  glamorous skater babes dripping in confetti sparkled down the runway of the Ashish Gupta’s LFW show and it was visually spectacular. From perfectly distressed track suits to sheer embellished slips, the show was like a living candy store, and the hair was everything!

Ashish pulled inspiration from scattered sequins in his studio saying, “I thought they just looked beautiful. Why try and impose order when disorder looks so great?” The disorder looked fantastic it was an explosion of a glitter fantasy and the hair was no exception. Key hairstylist Ali Pirzadeh said that the inspiration was all about “a skateboard girl who’s had some fun rolling around in a tinsel cupboard.”

Ashish Uk Glittered Manes

Using Loreal Pro, the models hair was prepped with Volume Architect and Full Volume Mousse, then slightly tonged into a messy natural wave. They used Mythic Oil on the ends and Shine Spray on the root. The look was finished by layering sequins with Infinium Hairspray to help them stick. 

Ashish Uk Glittered Manes

Ashish’s show was an amazing visual experience of playful hair mixed with the beautiful shiny designs in the clothing. We can’t wait to throw some glitter in our hair, hop on a skateboard, and recreate some confetti magic on our own!

Ashish Uk Glittered Manes

Would you sport glitter in your mane on your next night out? Sound off below!

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