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Ashley Graham Swears by THIS Product for Her Postpartum Baby Hair Regrowth

Supermodel Ashely Graham has been keeping the internet updated on the ups and downs of new motherhood since she gave birth to her first child Isaac. The icon opened up on social media about her struggle with post-pregnancy hair loss.

Graham took to Instagram Stories to share an “edges update” with her followers, giving us a candid look at her hair regrowth progress. The supermodel looked positively radiant as she showed her fans her brand new baby hairs. Graham credits Kérastase’s Initialiste Serum for this rapid regeneration. Read on to find out more about this miracle product!

Kerastase Advanced Scalp & Hair Serum

$56 at Sephora.com

Postpartum hair loss can sound super scary, but it’s actually very normal and totally temporary. New mom Ashley Graham is tackling post-pregnancy strand shedding with just a single product, Kérastase’s Initialiste Serum. In her candid review, the supermodel says she was “freaking out” when she first noticed her hairline thinning. But Graham credits this miracle product with saving her strands, letting her followers know that this edges update is absolutely not an ad. Kérastase’s Initialiste Serum is the real deal.

(Image Source: Sephora.com)

To fans of the brand, this comes as no surprise. From reparative masks to everyday shampoos and conditioners, Kérastase continues to wow with high-performance products and salon-quality results. Harnessing the power of ceramides and green tea extract, this fantastic formula boosts cellular metabolism and reinforces the structural integrity of each new strand. Simply apply a few drops of this unique compound to your hairline and watch it work its magic. Your Kérastase-treated tresses will resist breakage as they grow in, leaving your strands stronger and shiner.

If rapid regeneration is what you’re after, this supermodel-approved serum might be your ideal solution.

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