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I Let an Astrologer Decide My Haircare Routine for an Entire Month

I am no astrologer, but I love discussing astrology.

I’m that person who will try and (almost) accurately guess your zodiac sign upon initially meeting you. I read my horoscopes monthly, weekly, and daily. I even watch tarot readings for my sign on YouTube. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that I have a tattoo of my zodiac sign.

Astrology has become a major part of my life and I’m okay with that.

So when I’m doing my daily online reading, the articles I am most drawn to often pertain to astrology in some capacity.

Case in point, an article on Cosmopolitan titled “I Let an Astrologer Take Over My Skincare Routine and It Was…Interesting” by Ama Kwarteng.

I don’t even think the website registered how quickly I clicked into the post, ravenously devouring every line as if it were the last article I would ever enjoy.

My inspiration was through the roof after reading Ama’s experience. I wanted to try something similar, but my rendition would involve hair. This is Mane Addicts, after all. What did you expect?

I immediately reached out to my (not really “my,” but let’s just go with it) astrologer Julie Rader.

I’ve known Julie for two-ish years and have been moved by her energy ever since. Not only is she an astrologer, but she is a yoga and meditation teacher of over two decades. She has worked with the likes of actress Patricia Arquette and athlete Heather O’Reilly, who both adore her.

I knew Julie was the perfect person for this. There was no way I was going. to do this without her.

I drafted my pitch, sent it to Julie, and waited patiently for her response. She noted she was more than happy to help me with this astrology-based haircare experience and the rest is history.

How We Mapped It Out

When I sat down with Julie, we knew this was going to require a bit of work and out-of-the-box (or, out-of-this-world) thinking.

We started things off by looking at the major astrological aspects of the timeframe. The biggest thing that stood out was Mercury being retrograde. Julie mentioned that this was a great time to revisit any products that might be tested on animals, as Mercury rules Virgo. And Virgo is the ruler of animals.

Rather than jumping into the month ahead, we first looked at my birth chart.

The first thing I learned was that because my Saturn is in Aquarius, I’m a bit more conservative and traditional in my approach to hair. I’m not one that will try daring hairstyles or colors too quickly. I can tell you that is so me. I’ve only dyed my hair three different colors (red, brown, and blonde) in my 27 years on this planet. My hair length teeters between long and medium.

My moon is in Taurus and Taurus is also in my second house, which means I opt for hairstyles that are more traditionally feminine. And with my Venus in Capricorn, I stick with classic hairstyles to show off my femininity.

We covered every aspect of my birth chart and how it relates to my relationship with my hair, but there was one that made the most sense—and it has to do with my sun sign.

My sun is in Sagittarius. It is also in my ninth house and my true node. Julie explained that “this is how [I] shine out in the world.” So with Sagittarius in those places, I want a hairstyle that makes sense when I’m traveling. My hair is almost always in a ponytail, especially in quarantine. Hearing that, it reminded me how astrology is essentially a blueprint.

After going through my chart, Julie decided it would be best to use the monthly lunar cycles to break down my routine. As an astrologer and yoga teacher, Julie swears by using the moon cycles to map out your life. Watch the video below for a little more info on the why and how:

The Month’s Astrological Forecast

We used the moon cycles to figure out what I would do every day during this experiment.

According to Julie, “the moon changes signs about every 48 to 60 hours. The days not listed represent the moon still in the sign we mentioned previously.”

Without further ado, let’s dive into my monthly astrology-based haircare routine!

June 30

The first days of this experience were definitely the hardest. I had five days in a row where I was changing up my haircare routine. From my chart, one could guess I wasn’t the biggest fan of that.

June 30 had a moon in Scorpio, a transiting Jupiter conjunct Pluto, and a whole bunch of other astrological aspects. We focused on the Jupiter conjunct Pluto, because “it’s a good aspect between how we communicate and deal with sudden changes.”

My challenge was to embrace change and go totally out there, so we went with space buns. I have worn space buns maybe once in my life, so I was excited to try out the hairstyle again.

Whenever I am asked to try out a different hairstyle, it all follows the same pattern. I get excited and do a bunch of research by watching a ton of tutorials. I find one I think will work for my hair, then attempt the look. When it doesn’t go as planned, I get frustrated and give up. And I never try that style ever again.

With these space buns, I decided to do them how I wanted to do them. Thankfully, I made it work. I felt so cute that entire day and could not shake the smile off my face. I haven’t been that excited about a new hairstyle in a long time.

astrology-based haircare | Mane Addicts

July 1

Julie didn’t assign me anything this day, however that didn’t stop me. I found something to do.

As mentioned earlier, Mercury was retrograde, so Julie advised looking at my haircare products to make sure they were all cruelty-free. I have been a vegan for almost 10 years, which means most of my products already are. There is, however, the small chance that I’ll use a product or two that isn’t. I’m only human, okay.

I took this day to revisit my hair products. Of the six to seven that I own, only two weren’t cruelty-free. They were tossed out immediately and that was that.

July 2

The moon was in Sagittarius (hello, sun sign) this day, so Julie said I should “go for sexy professor type look or be willing to try something new.”

Because I didn’t know how to pull off a sexy professor look (and, honestly, didn’t want to try), I decided to try something new. However, that didn’t go as expected. I wanted to use hair mousse, but it turned into a giant mess. To fix it, I braided my hair and told myself I was a sexy school girl.

Ashley wearing two braids for her astrology-based haircare experience | Mane Addicts

Did that work with the assignment? Maybe, maybe not. I will defend that an attempt to try something new was made, but my “sexy” school girl look is very weak.

July 3

This was one of my favorite days, because the moon was in Capricorn. Capricorn is a very traditional sign, which meant I was able to stay traditional with my haircare routine. No photo necessary!

July 4

There was a full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn this day, so Julie suggested I do a hair mask to “eclipse” my strands.

I haven’t been a big fan of hair masks, until I was recently introduced to Authentic Beauty Concept. Their Replenish Mask is my absolute favorite to use, so I was stoked to have an excuse to do so. It always leaves my hair feeling soft, without ever weighing it down.

Based on my chart, she also noted that something big was coming for me after this eclipse. What that is, I will tell you if and when it happens. Stay tuned!

July 6

The moon was in Aquarius, so Julie said to go with an “out-of-the-box look.” A quick reminder, my Saturn is in Aquarius. Julie noted that my “out-of-the-box isn’t too out-of-the-box.”

Knowing I would need to try this type of look, I decided to have fun. I did a ’90s-inspired look with butterfly clips and wavy hair that I actually liked. This day was a nice reminder to shake things up ever now and then.

Ashley showing off her out-of-the-box look | Mane Addicts

July 8

Julie focused on the Mercury square Mars aspect for this day. I was advised to not “do anything too aggressive that day” and instead “do something nurturing for my hair at home.” We decided a leave-in conditioner would be best.

My tried and true leave-in conditioner is from Odele. They’re vegan, clean, and cruelty-free, so they check all the boxes.

I can’t remember how I discovered this brand, all I know is that this is my favorite leave-in conditioner ever. Finding the words to describe how much I love it is tough. Considering I’m a writer by trade, that should tell you how phenomenal it is.

That all being said, I am not the best at using it consistently. Running the product through my locks this day was a great reminder to use it more often.

July 10

The funny thing about this day is I was completely overwhelmed with things I needed to get done. Instinctively, I put my hair in a ponytail to help me focus.

Towards the end of the day, I remembered to check my astrology-based haircare routine. And wouldn’t you know, I was meant to put it in a ponytail all along due to the moon being in Aries.

Again, astrology is the blueprint.

July 12

The sun was trine Neptune this day, which is essentially a fancy way of noting it was a harmonious aspect. Julie also mentioned that “Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, which is a romantic sign.” So the look for the day would center around romance.

Julie suggested braids, so I wore my hair in braided tendrils. I always feel the most romantic when my hair is down and somewhat wavy, which is why I went for this look.

Ashley showing off her romantic look | Mane Addicts

To be honest, I felt really romantic in the beginning of the day. But as it went on, I grew tired of this look and the tendrils started to annoy me. You win some, you lose some.

July 13

The moon just os happened to be in Taurus this day, which is where it is in my birth chart. Julie mentioned, “This is when you feel most at home. Go for a luxurious hair treatment, because you’ll want to feel luxurious.”

My luxurious treatment was a hair mask, because it’s when my hair feels its best. And yes, I used the same hair mask I used over a week prior.

July 14

The sun opposed Jupiter this day, so coming up with a hairstyle took Julie a bit to figure out. “Oppositions can be tricky,” she noted.

Eventually, she suggested wearing my hair however I feel most beautiful. “Jupiter amplifies whatever is already there, so make sure you look and feel your best,” she said.

I feel the most beautiful when I keep things natural. When my hair is free to be, that’s when I feel my best. I also realized that when my scalp feels good, I feel good.

One of my vices is going to bed with wet tresses, which leaves my strands feeling weighted and oily in the morning. I made sure I didn’t fall asleep with soppy locks the night before. This resulted in my hair looking and feeling its absolute best.

Ashley showing off her best hair look for her astrology-based haircare experience | Mane Addicts

July 15

The following day, the sun was opposite Pluto. “Don’t do anything too drastic,” Julie warned. “It’s best to stick to a status quo routine.”

I could not have been given an easier task. The status quo for me is waking up and brushing my hair. That’s it.

The moon was in Gemini that day, so Julie suggested reaching out to my siblings to learn about their hair routines.

I asked my two younger sisters about their haircare and they mentioned they did pretty much the exact same thing as me. We all wash our hair every other day, then wake up, brush it, and get ready for what lies ahead.

July 18

We had another moon in Cancer, which I’m starting to realize is my favorite lunar position.

Julie noted I’ll “want to do something at-home, because Cancer is nurturing and all about the home.” This meant I was able to use my leave-in conditioner from Odele once again.

Twice in one month? What did I do to deserve this?

July 20

There were quite a few astrological aspects going on this day, so I’ll let Julie explain.

“There’s a new moon in Cancer this day,” she said. “A new moon represents new beginnings. Now’s the time to come up with a new hair routine by introducing a new product. The sun opposes Saturn, so try something that will be new to you, but not an entirely new product. It should be something that has been around for a while.”

If you’re wondering why that is (like I was), Julie offered some clarification.

“Again, oppositions can be tricky,” she shared. “Saturn rules older people or products who have stood the test of time. Saturn is all about quality over quantity, so go with a good quality product.”

I decided that argan oil would be the best product to try. I’ve always heard great things about it, I just never went out of my way to try it for myself. Now was my chance.

I even ended up finding a bottle tucked away in my medicine cabinet. It was from Shea Moisture and had yet to be opened, so the stars had aligned for me to test it out.

It felt great and I even noticed some of my frizz had gone down. But after one use, it’s hard to tell how well a product will really work. Still, I’m excited to use it more.

July 22

On July 22, the sun moved into Leo. Because Leo is represented by the lion, Julie suggested going big with my hair. “Leo is all about a full mane of hair, so opt for big curls.”

Anyone else would be stoked for a look like this, but I was not. I cannot curl my hair for the life of me. It takes so much time, energy, and patience that I don’t have, especially while I’m in quarantine.

I did my best to put those feelings aside and embrace that Leo confidence to make the look work. During the process, that “confidence” came tumbling down after three curled strands. I was not having it, but I pushed through and my hair ended up looking decent. It wasn’t my best work, but it wasn’t completely atrocious.

Happy Leo season, everyone!

Ashley rocking big curls to welcome Leo season | Mane Addicts

July 24

The last few days of my experience with astrology-based haircare pertain to me researching. anew product to add to my collection.

Julie decided this was the best thing to do, because Mercury becomes visible in the sky. Mercury rules all things communication, which is why going this route makes the most sense. Also, the moon was in Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus, so Julie suggested “looking for a product that will make [me] feel [my] most beautiful.”

When I sat down. to think about what makes me feel the most beautiful, I realized there were two things: wavy, romantic hair and clear, clean scalp.

I’ve always been curious to try one of those wave wands everyone has been raving about, but wasn’t sure how often I’d use it during quarantine. Instead, I figured it would be best to opt for a product that keeps my scalp feeling good.

From serums to peels, I looked into a variety of scalp care products. Eventually, I decided on trying a scalp scrub. Since quarantine started, I’ve noticed more dandruff than ever before, so a scrub seemed like the best option to get rid of that problem and give my scalp the care it needs.

July 26

With the moon in Scorpio, this was a day to dig deep and learn everything there is to know about the product.

I ended up going with the Sulfate-Free Shampoo Scrub from Love Beauty and Planet, because I’m familiar with the brand already. They’re vegan and cruelty-free, which is something I’m a fan of.

This product in particular is also dye-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, and sulfate-free, while also featuring sustainably and ethically sourced extracts. Plus, it’s 91 percent naturally derived and comes in a jar made from 100 percent recycled plastic. Does it get any better than that?

July 27

Jupiter was sextile Neptune this day, which Julie shared was a great time to try this new product. But, she warned I needed to read the reviews before doing so.

“Neptune can sometimes give us rose-colored glasses,” she said. “Transiting Neptune is in your 12th house, which can also add to the disillusion. The fact that it is making a positive aspect (sextile) to a positive planet makes it a great day to test out the product.”

With all that in mind, I went to work reading all the reviews I could find. Both Target and Ulta showed really high reviews for the shampoo scrub, which was reassuring. It even made me that much more excited to try it.

I was more than ready to test this scrub out when the time came. It was definitely an unfamiliar texture and felt foreign being worked around my scalp, but I enjoyed the experience. My scalp felt cleaner and freer after one use. I do think I will have to use it more in my routine to really see a pay off.

July 29

The moon was in Sagittarius this day, so Julie suggested leaving reviews on products I have tried and love.

I’m not one to ever leave reviews on a product, let alone read anyone else’s. Maybe that’s due to my Aries rising? Anyway, it felt good to write reviews and share why I love the products I do with the world. It reminded me why I fell in love with them in the first place.

July 30

The last and final day of this experience. Oh, what a journey it has been.

I just so happen to be writing this on the last day, because Mercury is opposing Jupiter and trine Neptune. In Julie’s terms:

“Mercury is the ruler of Gemini the researcher and Virgo, the sign of detail. Because it’s in this aspect with the active planets when trying the product, this is the day you shall receive clear results and be able to clearly articulate your findings.”

I feel as if I already received my results on the scalp scrub, so I found this day was articulating my experience to all of you who clicked into this piece. If you’re still here, thank you.

My Overall Experience With Astrology-Based Haircare

This is the most work I think I’ve ever put into my hair.

I keep things pretty classic and traditional, so something like this pushed me pretty far out of my comfort zone. By now I have gone back to it, but I know that straying isn’t as scary as it seems.

Using astrology as a guide for my daily hair routine was really exciting and inspiring. This experience offered new tools for me to explore my hairstyles in a way that I never thought possible.

It was a lot of work at times, but I wouldn’t have changed any second of this experience. Think you’ll try your own version of astrology-based haircare? I’m sure Julie would be happy to help.

If you are thinking about participating in an astrology haircare experience, have fun. Before you do anything too drastic, our astrologers have some advice: Never cut your hair under a full moon and HERE’S why.

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