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Aura Friedman : Hair Artistry at It’s Finest

If there is one woman whose name triumphs the multi colored hair world, it’s Aura Friedman.  Known for her ability to flawlessly transform dark hair to light or create beautiful out of the ordinary hair colors, she has become the go to editorial hair colorist in New York City (you can find her at Sally Hershberger Salon).  Her work has jump started the careers of models Sky Ferreira, Soo Joo Park and Charlotte Carey and she is a favorite among Refinery29, Allure Magazine, and Elle’s Best of Beauty.  After her 6 year run on True Blood, Anna Paquin had Aura color her hair a transformative pastel hue for her birthday.  She has also colored the hair of Elizabeth Olsen, Santigold, Jennifer Lawrence, and Lady Gaga.

For hairstylists and beauty fanatic’s alike, we suggest following her Instagram for endless #manespiration.

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