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WHAT TO BUY: The Mane University Gift Bag Sneak Peek

So everyone’s been asking us what’s inside these mysterious swag bags that we offer at our Mane University classes; and to be honest, it’s hard to give a real answer. Each of the classes has a different curated bag filled with essentials and must haves hand picked by the team and the Mane Master whose teaching the class themselves. But in honor of our recent class in Australia, we wanted to show you guys an example of what a gift bag with some of our fav Aussie [and not so Aussie] brands would include, so you can make your own MA inspired swag to gift to friends…


Kevin Murphy


We love Kevin Murphy travel sized products and are obsessed with the Powder Puff Dry Shampoo. Besides coming in a cute small pink shape, it instantly adds texture, volume, and body without feeling sticky or heavy. Pro tip: this is an on-set essential as it instantly builds the roots.




Whether it’s a head wrap, draped chain, band, comb, or pin, we love a hair accessory to add instant glam to even the most lazy hairstyle. The ones above are from Yummii, but we also love Lelet and Jennifer Behr. Not privy to a headpiece? They’re more wearable than you think!




Yeah, we know we aren’t a skin care site, but when we’ve got makeup in the mix at our classes we like to sprinkle some in. Chantecaille is a premium luxury brand for serious skincare known for it’s uniquely high concentration of natural botanicals. The bio-lift creme is their best-selling anti-aging cream (with a serious cult following) that effectively addresses the appearance of wrinkles, dehydration, and the loss of elasticity in the skin. Count us in.


Bambi and Sammi


This cruelty free, paraben free, and sulfate free line is all about making sure that what we use for beauty is safe and effective. With a strong moral standard and attention to integrity, their products are as clean, transparent, and socially responsible as can be. But we were sold on their chic minimalist packaging.


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