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joey maalouf the glam app

Ever dream of having a personal in home stylist? Are you going someplace special and have no clue how to get that bombshell blowout? Well, we have exciting news for you! Celebrity hair stylist and Mane Master, Joey Maalouf has teamed up with actress and blogger Cara Santana to create The Glam App, a mobile application […]

Need a quick update for a girl’s night out or a simple way to look glam on the go? We love a sleek center part with long hair cascading off the shoulders. This look is a runway and red carpet staple and perfect for nearly any occasion. Celebrity hairstylist Bridget Brager walks us through creating […]

red head blowout bangs

There’s hardly a girl who doesn’t wake up in the morning with hair that’s stringy, piecey, and unkempt. Well we’re here with Mane Master Clariss Rubenstein to break down the everyday blowout- a quick and easy way to look like you “just woke up like this.” We’re talking about the perfect natural hair (think 60’s […]

Cue the ice queen.

Blowout tips from the best.

Rita Hazan

  When it comes to hair, we’re not afraid to admit that Rita Hazan has her t’s crossed, i’s dotted, and everything hair on lock; seriously Yoncé trusting RH with her mane translates that world must bow and listen.  That being said we present to you with Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy.  The description alone “a revolutionary formula that instantly […]

Every girl [and guy] has the staple products that never leave their sight and the few [boxes] that are shoved away in the back of the cupboard. Well we’re here to get rid of the guessing game and let you in on a few of our staple bathroom counter necessities. 1. Moroccan Oil Hydration Cream   […]

Kylie Jenner Scotty Cunha hair

You’ll probably never guess who his idol is, either.

Fashion Week is in full swing here in New York, and what better way to kick off the season than with the NYFW debut of Ecuador-born designer Gabriela Cadena. A favorite of red carpet superstars like Gigi Hadid and Shakira, Cadena’s line is the perfect balance of sexy and glamorous. For her fall collection, Cadena […]

If there’s one thing we’re adamant about it’s obtaining amazingly gorgeous hair in the easiest way possible.  That’s why for the day of love we’re giving you ideas to lust over with 3 of our favorite date-prep styling must-haves. THE INSPIRATION What you’ll need.  Sarah Potempa Beach Waver Balmain Repair Mask Yummi&I Headpiece 1. Prep hair […]

  It’s that dreaded time of the year again… you know, the day when love has a price tag added; #ValentinesDay.  Instead of wasting money on over commercialized mayhem, get him something that he (and his hair) will love!  We’ve recently got our hands on the mens grooming line Jack Black and we have to […]

There are certain moments in life when the stars align and everything that is perfect in the world just so happens to fall into place. So on a night at a where you randomly run into Mane Master Sascha Breuer and he agrees to do your hair on the fly, you RUN (not walk) to […]

There’s no easy way to tell the man in your life that his hair is looking a little sparse. We’ve had to break this news to boyfriends, fiancés, dads and siblings. It’s always best to let them know gently and to offer solutions for when they get defensive (and trust us, they will get defensive). […]

Blonde hair with blunt bang bad haircut

Products you need to salvage your strands.

Oscar Blandi Blowout Creme Flatlay

The secret to getting salon styled at home.

KatKit Road Bags Hairstylist Kit Review

Read our thoughts!

  Where does one become an icon?  Not just any icon, but a muse of all sorts.  Hair, fashion, beauty… did we say hair? While we’re not sure where that invisible line you step over is drawn, we do know that it easily starts with no other than Kate Moss. From queen of heroin chic […]

Tame the mane and make it fly.

New Year New You Hair Inspiration

If “new year, new you” has been your  recycled New Years mantra, we thought you might like some inspiration on the one thing that can drastically change your appearance; your haircut.  While taking some scissors and chopping off that ponytail might seem fun, going into the change prepared will result in you actually loving your new […]

150% of the time if our hair (as women) could look like anyones, it would be that of a Victoria’s Secret model. You know, that effortlessly rolled out of bed, purposely messed up (but brilliantly chic) hair that is as low-key as can be, but has mega-babe sex appeal? If your gaze widened as you read these words, this might […]

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