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Red Head Bangs

Bangs, triangle framing and the perfect layer blowout.

Balmain Styling for Hair Couture

Bet you didn’t know this!


Fact: It’s not easy being a beauty junkie.  While you may live for cool packaging, the talk of full sultry textured hair, and travel sized dry shampoos that tuck into your miniature purse; the truth is, where is this all being stored? If you’re like me and have oodles of product with no space to […]

summer, sun, pool, glam, uv protectant,

Summer has officially taken over and the need to hit bronzed status is on everyone’s mind.  But remember, just because you’re in laid-back mode doesn’t mean your poolside mane should lose it’s luster. Because lets face it… that baby blue aqua is the perfect summer selfie backdrop! If you plan on taking a dip, be sure to […]

glam, waves, retro,

48 hours in Paris is quite the quick trip.  Throw in a hangout session with L’oreal Professional’s ‘it’ girl, Nicole Warne, and we’ve got a recipe for some intense style conversation. You may know Nicole as her pseudo name @GaryPepperGirl and with an Instagram following that’s surpassed the 1 million mark, it’s easy to guess […]

tracey cunningham, color class, hair color, models

  If you’ve been keeping close tabs on Mane Addicts you may have seen us talking about a big #manemoment that’s about to happen with hair coloring goddess Tracey Cunningham.  April 25 and 26 we will be hosting a color class where Tracey will be teaching the tricks and secrets that keep celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and […]

coachella, braids, festival, style, music, hippie, boho

Coachella is just about as clique heavy as the opening campus sequences of Mean Girls. You’ve got the fashionistas, the hippies, the ultra-hippies, the tribal chicks, etc who all have one thing in common…. looking flawless in 100+ degree weather. That said, we’re calling out manespiration dibs on all you bohemian glamazons.  With the help of #manemaster Brittany Gharring we took […]


100K in 10 months?! Holy hair!!!  We’re so overwhelmed by the love that we decided the best way to show our thanks would be to have a little BIG giveaway…   WINNER RECEIVES  First Prize:  Sarah Potempa Jet Setter Cordless Flat Iron ($200 value) Leonor Greyl Masque a l’orchidee Softening Hair Mask ($65 value) Second Prize: Kevin Murphy […]

azealia banks, mermaid, pravana

It’s no surprise that a festival hosting almost 600k music lovers would be a mecca of manes to pine over. And in this land of artwork and expression lay the hairdo’s that keep our desert hearts wanting more. Here are 5 singers on the Coachella 2015 lineup who have caught our attention with their major mane moments. […]

the perfect pony by clariss rubenstein

The perfect ponytail comes in all shapes and sizes; and with festival season upon us, it’s an immediate go-to for chic in the sun.  With our everyday goal to achieve great hair in quick and easy ways, we thought you might have fun with this how-to. Hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein walks us through creating the perfect pony at […]

  If you’re like me, washing your hair is the last thing on the mind. In our over-produced society I find comfort spending my days perfecting a week long of “untouched” hair; and lets keep it real… that “one too many discos and now passed out at the beach” look is always in. With that in mind […]

two toned long hair

We’ve all done it.  You bleach and color till you can’t bleach no more.  Your ends are thrashed, your hair is breaking, and you still insist on a full blowout/flat iron combo every morning.  News flash! Somethings gotta give… and we’re assuming you’re not in the mood to give up.  Thankfully there are deep conditioners out there made for […]

Thanks to our heavy desire for natural salt soaked beach texture, it seems nowadays one of the most requested (and most versatile!) hairstyles lands at the feet of mother nature herself. While the manes we see parading down the red carpet (or Melrose Ave for that matter) are often times far from natural, it’s a look that […]

Guido and Alexander McQueen Hair

As we’ve come down from our Paris Fashion Week high, we’ve been sorting through some of our favorite moments.  The Alexander McQueen collection is always on our list as it ignites our imaginations, and this year was no different.  With contrasting fabrics that gave a multidimensional mood, it seemed only right to have overly textured hair; thanks […]

Balmain Show w/ Mane Addicts

Balmain’s 2015 collection proved once again their aim is directed at women of effortless power and opulent stature; the hair played into those standards.  Long blunt ends finished with a slicked side part, had us dreaming in the land of all things luxe.  The master behind the manes?  Sam Mcknight… aka editorial, runway, and all around hair […]

Ready to step your hair game up?  You’ve been asking for video tutorials and here they come!                                                               Mane Addicts contributors Bridget Brager, Clariss Rubenstein, and Kylee […]

      When we think of angels, the first thing that comes to mind is less of the ethereal beings floating throughout the heavens and more of the power creatures with iconic, flowing hair. So in light of such perfection, we proudly highlight Marisa Miller and her lust-worthy locks. From the steamy spotlight of Sports Illustrated, […]

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