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Hair Oils Guide brown hair girl

And which one you should be using for your hair type.

Feminist Bob Hairstyles History

The history behind the bob.

Black Woman Washing Hair Micellar Water

One word: yes.

Bangstyle Boi Gender Neutral Haircut Prices

We investigate.

Products for Curly Hair African American Woman Sunglasses Coachella

Curls for Coachella and every festival in between.

Cassandra Grey violet grey beauty insider hair products

The ladies behind Violet Grey, Peach & Lily and Vivrant are spilling their insider hair secrets.

Kerry Washington Celebrity Bobs

We’re all about that bob.

Alex Brownsell Mane Masters

This hair hustler started working at age 12, enough said.

Windle & Moodie

For a salon to have real staying power, it needs to be at the top of its game every single year, and also provide an unforgettable customer experience that keeps them coming back. On top of that, a stellar workplace environment is key to keep top stylists for years on end—decades even. All of the aforementioned are the […]

Corset Braids

Festival season is in full swing—and by now you’ve had your fair share of festival hair inspo thanks to Coachella. With many more festivals on the horizon–Governor’s Ball, Glastonbury, Made In America, and more–we plan on learning how to corset braid, stat. Though corset braids have been around for quite some time and have been […]

In-Shower Styler After

Confession: I’m completely obsessed with new hair products. There are few thrills as satisfying as finding an unexpected spray or cream that gives me an amazing hair day. But in all honesty, when I read a lot of reviews about amazing products, I’m not quite certain they will work on my natural curls. Living Proof […]

Curl Cremes Review

What is perfect hair? Since going natural almost six years ago, I’ve constantly been trying to figure what having “perfect” curls means to me and the answer keeps changing every few months. At first, it was the ideal shade of blonde, but now I’m over that. Then, it was the perfect twist out, which I […]

Hairstory NYC City Guide

We’ve been to salons all over the world, thus we’ve experienced the best and wildest amenities known to man at this point. From celeb-driven menus to cocktails at the ready, there isn’t much we haven’t tried in the name of peak beauty. But New York City’s Hairstory studio has given hair all new meaning, with […]

Heather Chapman Braid Master

One thing all of our Mane Masters have in common is that they are true visionaries and experts in the industry—setting trends and developing signatures that mane lovers cannot help but replicate. Heather Chapman’s career and body work is a testament of true talent, combined with the kind of social media savvy that has turned […]

Kerry Washington

We’re normally all about long, flowing tresses as the temperature heats up, but Kerry Washington just made the case for chopping it all off and going sleek for the season. The Met Gala is the Oscars of the fashion world and the beauty looks are always on point too—with celebrities like the Scandal star going […]

Palm Painting

You’ve heard of balayage… but have you heard of palm painting? Balayage, the French highlighting technique that literally translates in English as “to sweep or paint,” is the key to that uncomplicated yet gorgeous blend of hues that quietly whispers, “she takes really good vacations.” But–is it soon to be eclipsed by a new kid […]

Mane Master Syd Hayes

In a city known for pushing the envelope and producing some of the world’s greatest fashion and beauty talent, Syd Hayes is one of London’s brightest stars. Having grown up around hair as a child, his mane-centric proclivities are equals parts birthright and calling, with time spent under the expert tutelage of Guido Palau. Syd […]

Mania Hair Studio Salon Mania Hair Studio Tech Salon

New Jersey has a few of our favorite things this time of year, including the best shopping and great beaches. But it is also home to one of our favorite hair studios—Mania Hair Studio in Park Ridge, which carries prestige haircare lines like Bumble and Bumle. Like all great things, this salon has withstood the […]

Kae Mason Salon K transgender hair salon transgender inclusive

It’s no secret that the current political climate under the Trump administration has made things a bit unstable for transgender women and men as of late. Specifically, transgender students who are no longer able to use public school bathrooms matching their chosen gender identity. However, the doors are open wide for transgender men and women […]

Spring 2017 hair products buy now

For some reason, time just seems to move faster in spring, doesn’t it? Our calendars fill up almost instantaneously, which calls for a bit of a shopping spree when it comes to our beauty cabinets. Each year the industry gets better and better, and trust us—spring 2017 hair products do not disappoint. This season, there […]

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