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I’m a writer for all things lifestyle and culture. My stories are dedicated to women, laced with diversity, and are chock full of self-love. You can spot some of my work on The Huffington Post,, xoJane, and others. I like good wine, good food, and Beyonce. Check out my hair stories for all your natural hair tips, tricks, and needs!
Kadia Blagrove

And how to moisturize accordingly.

hair mask

Amino acids 101.


And why we’re obsessed with co-washing.


Save your baking leftovers for this dreamy DIY hair mask.

Aloe Vera Healthy Hair Hair Health

You need to get your hands on this gooey goodness ASAP.

Romantic Natural Hairstyles

Make your suitors swoon.

tea rinse

Who knew tea had so many hair health benefits?

You’re going to want to start pre-shampooing ASAP.

Perfect Twist-Out

Our forever fave protective style.


Everyone’s going the more natural route these days. Whether it’s organic groceries, a DIY sugar body scrub, or your fave vegan lipstick, it’s clear that Mother Nature supplies the best stuff for our bodies– and our hair! We already know about all of the yummy natural foods and super moisturizing oils that we can use to help condition […]

zoe kravitz marie claire

Getting a fresh set of box braids is always exciting. You get a brand new look that promises weeks of low-maintenance, but unfortunately those weeks are numbered. One of the reasons folks install box braids is to give their strands a break and allow their hair to retain length. However, leaving in a protective style, […]

For curly hair types, definition is everything. Unfortunately, sometimes tight defined curls come at the price of stiff, crunchy strands. Instead of going on a hunt for the right hair gel that won’t leave your curls rigid, try making your own gel using flaxseed. Also known as linseed, flaxseed is a great alternative to traditional […]

If you find yourself dealing with tangles, single strand knots, and breakage, it may be time for a trim. Making the decision to snip your ends may be a difficult one, especially if you are trying to retain length. But, in order to allow your strands to flourish you need to get rid of damaged, […]

About the easiest hairstyle to do is the ponytail. Just pull your hair back, swoop, and done. While it’s a safe and simple look to pull off, it’s also the most versatile. Keep reading for simple ways to take your ponytail from gahhh to glam! 1. GO LONGER   Add a few more inches for some […]

Big curly hair

So what if it isn’t the ‘80s? Big hair will always be on trend! Full, voluminous va-va-voom curls are what hair dreams are made of, but it’s not easy to achieve — not even for natural curlies! Contrary to popular belief, natural curls don’t always = volume. Factors that can get in the way of […]

  The biggest culprit when it comes to fussy natural hair is breakage. Usually caused by dryness and/or poor hair nourishment, breakage gets in the way of length retention, softness, and strong strands. Signs of breakage or damaged hair includes brittle texture, tangles, short broken off ends, and split ends. If you’re noticing your mane […]

One common issue for people with thick, coarse hair is dryness. There are many different causes behind dry hair, but one of the most common is simply a low porosity level. Basically, hair with low porosity has trouble retaining moisture due to its tightly shut cuticles. A little warm water and steam can help open […]


Castor oil has been a world favorite beauty remedy for ages and for good reason. A treatment for breakage, hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp, and all other hair woes, castor oil is enriched with Vitamin E, proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.  Its high level of ricinoleic acid helps balance a […]


The only thing that should snatch your edges is the power of Beyonce. Don’t allow breakage, dryness, and protective styling to snatch your hairline. Our edges are the most sensitive part of our hair and needs extra special care. That means minding the way we braid, pull, and overall style our hair to make sure […]

When I went natural back in 2012, I was overwhelmed by what to expect on this renewed hair journey. After ditching the relaxer and transitioning for half a year, I finally decided to do the big chop, cutting away all of my permed ends and sporting my natural coily strands. I’ve spent most of my […]

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