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Hot Girl Summer is Officially Over, Say Hello to Autumn Girl Glow

We’re all for endless summers, but sometimes fall trends are so good we can’t wait to skip ahead to the next season. While all your friends are still uploading their #hotgirlsummer pics, brace yourself for the biggest fall trend since pumpkin spice lattes: “Autumn Glow” hair.

“Autumn Glow” hair starts with a warm-toned base and flickers of gold are added on. The ends are particularly light, as if you had been galavanting all over Europe and the sun happened to lighten them naturally for fall.

Nikki Lee of 901 is the mastermind behind this warm-toned hair color. “As it’s mid-August, it’s not too early to think about fall color trends,” Nikki says. She debuted this soon-to-flood-your-Instagram look on none other than her client Mandy Moore. “This ‘Autumn Glow’ is a wonderful new brunette color for Mandy,” she begins. “It’s rich and warm with flickers of golden light,” the pro concludes. To pull off this trend yourself, you need to start with an expert colorist that you trust. Otherwise, you run the risk of having the ‘do turn brassy. Nikki has some advice to prevent your “Autumn Glow” from turning sour, “Try Garnier’s anti-brass treatment. It will keep your color beautiful and treat your hair at the same time,” she advises.


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