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Here’s What Ava Phillippe and Ellie Thumann Love About Their Go-To Hair Color, Hally

We all love a good foam party, and Hally brings the fun straight to the sink with their Hally Color Cloud kits. If you’re not already familiar–Hally is the first ammonia-free foam hair dye ever.  We’ve quickly become obsessed with this brand at Mane Addicts HQ because they take all the guesswork out of coloring your hair at home.

Foam aside, these are no ordinary DIY color kits. In fact, the entire hair coloring experience with Hally is super fun. Hally is marketed towards Gen – Zers and is formulated without the toxic and harmful ingredients all of our moms probably applied to their hair back in the day. Have we piqued your interest? Keep reading for everything you need to know.

via Hally Hair

Hair Color for Gen Z

Thanks to TikTok and, well, simply being a teen of the times, wild hair colors are more prevalent than ever among the younger generation. Rose Gold and Purple Avalanche are among the two shades featured in Hally’s five-color collection. In addition, the packaging is bright and eye-catching. Each product is ammonia-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, PPD-free and cruelty-free. And aligned with Gen Z’s non-committal color habits, Hally’s hues only last 4-6 weeks. And, if that’s not enough, Each Hally kit is packed with fun add-ons, including stress putty and under-eye patches to use while the Color Clouds work their magic.  

The brand also stands for a cause. They donate 1% of all sales to mental health organizations that provide resources to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ youth.

Beloved by Influencers

If you think you’ve heard of Hally Hair before, but you’re not entirely sure, you’ve probably seen Ava Phillippe adorably debuting a fresh hue. In fact, the purple shade, Purple Ava-Lanche, is named after her. She was the brand’s initial ambassador, teaming up with them in Feb. when they launched.

“Ava was so well-aligned with Hally and our mission to bring a little fun to your look in an easy and stress-free way,” the brand’s founder Kathryn Winokur tells Mane Addicts. “As someone who regularly colors her hair at home, Ava’s perspective was so valuable throughout our five-month development process. We loved creating the custom dusty, lilac shade with her.”

Since, YouTuber Ellie Thumann came on board with her own (now discontinued) limited-edition Blue Crush shade. In fact, we chatted with the blonde beauty all about it in Sept.

“The foam formula is so fun and easy to use,” she told Mane Addicts. “Plus, it’s so gentle on your hair and washes out in a few weeks. I love that it allows people to experiment without feeling like you’re taking a huge risk. Also, I love all the self-care products that Hally includes in the kit, like the under eye gels and the Stress Buddy Putty. I’ll definitely be bringing the putty back to campus with me for those long studying nights.”

Winokur was drawn to the social media sensation in particular because she’d never altered the shade of her strands before.

“The most important thing we look for in these types of ambassadors is authenticity,” Winokur explains. “Ellie was very open about the nerves that went along with coloring her hair for the first time, especially at home. We know there are many Gen – Zers who feel the same way. So we wanted to take a different perspective this time around. It was amazing to document Ellie’s first experience with Hally and showcase her tutorials around how easy it is to experiment with trends—she did the dip dye!—and pops of colors, even for newbies.”

Hally Hair Color Cloud Gift Set: $25

via Hally Hair

Holiday Gift Ideas

In our mom’s day, throwing a box of hair dye into a stocking would be a major WTH moment—but in 2021, Hally Hair makes gift-giving their products a whole experience.

Each holiday gift set comes with festive sparkly red and green under eye gels, blue buddy putty and red and green clippies. There’s even a green scrunchie (which is an added bonus for the holiday sets). Each set is $25, at a value of more than $40. You can shop Hally’s holiday gift sets on ulta.com or hallyhair.com.

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