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The Perfect No-Water Hair Cleanser for When You Can’t Bother to Wash Your Hair

Working from home sounded like a good idea at the beginning. Fast forward a few years and our habits have totally changed. We set our alarms only a few minutes before our workday and spend the day in front of the computer with PJs on. Nevertheless, our hair still needs to look presentable for all of those Zoom calls. Our secret weapon to ensuring that happens? Aveda Foam Reset Rinseless Hydrating Hair Cleanser. We’re here to give you all the details on why we love this cleanser below!

Aveda Foam Reset Rinseless Hydrating Hair Cleanser: $35

Aveda Foam Reset Rinseless Hydrating Hair Cleanser | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Aveda.com)

The idea behind the Aveda Foam Reset Rinseless Hydrating Hair Cleanser is that it hydrates and conditions between washes, giving wearers a blank canvas without the need for shampoo. It gives your scalp a refreshing, cooling feeling all while keeping frizz at bay for up to 72 hours. The product was formulated for all hair textures and types. Foam Reset Rinseless Hydrating Hair Cleanser is a welcome addition to the brand’s existing line of no-wash products. The aim of this product line is to conserve water by cutting down on wash days.

The Hydrating Hair Cleanser is also free of silicones, mineral oil, parabens, paraffin, and talc. The product couldn’t be easier to use. To begin, part your dry hair into different sections. The second step involves pumping Foam Reset Rinseless Hydrating Hair Cleanser into your hands and then applying directly to your scalp. Lastly, massage your scalp and move the product lower on your mane as you complete the movement. You restyle as desired after these steps—and just like that, you are ready for your Zoom call.

In addition to WFH, you can also use this product after a sweat sesh. If you also avoid hair washes after workouts, THESE are the styling tricks for you.

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