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Wether you’re going for tame waves, or you need a rescue 911 for overly done curls, a good brush combo is where you’ll find all the answers.  So take a step-by-step walk with us and we’ll show you how to achieve, a beautifully brushed out set of locks.

Step 1.

Prep hair the night before with a good shampoo/conditioning session.  Celebrity stylists and stars alike rave over CLEAR Scalp & Hair.  Their, “it starts at the root” theory is one to live by for an insanely healthy mane.

Step 2.

Take 1” sections of hair and use a 1” barrel iron to create tight wound curls.  A new line by GHD, the Curve irons are everything sleek and chic.

Step 3.

Mist curls with R+Co Outer Space Hairspray to set, then let cool.  This hairspray is a favorite as it gives the needed hold, without getting tacky.

Step 4.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.  Use a Harry Josh Paddle Brush to break up the curls, followed by a Mason Pearson.  Keep brushing with the Mason Pearson as the continual smoothing is needed to relax the curls.  Rule of thumb:  When you think you’ve brushed enough, brush 1o more times.  The more you manipulate the hair the better the outcome; trust on this!


Step 5. 

Use a small amount of smoothing cream to tame away flyways and add shine. We LOVE Easy Rider by Kevin Murphy!!

2 minutes

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