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Baby Bangs Are Making a Comeback

Micro bangs, mini fringe…the look has a million different names. But baby bangs are the incredibly recognizable hair trend that never seems to fully fall out of fashion. If you’re thinking about trying the baby bangs haircut, there are a few things you should know. Here’s how to get baby bangs, along with some baby bangs inspiration to fuel your fringe fire!

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What Are Baby Bangs?

Baby bangs, in a sense, are exactly what they sound like. Small, forehead-framing fringe that sits up much higher than your average curtain or sideswept bang. These bang haircuts typically sit about an inch to two inches away from your hairline and can be blunt, layered, or choppy. The end result of a baby fringe trim is all up to what you and your stylist determine is best for your face shape.

It’s no surprise that baby bangs hair is gaining popularity once more. With the rise of the shag haircut, a crop that looks particularly good with the bangs, more and more people are opting for mini fringe. But baby bangs actually look stunning on more than just the shag. From bobs to long layers, mini fringe can add a layer of depth to your look, allowing you to change up your overall appearance without making a huge change (they’re just bangs, they grow back).

How to Get the Look

If you’re ready to try a baby bangs haircut for yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind. Bang trims will become a much more frequent need if you decide to stick with the style. Due to their extremely short nature, these bangs grow out quickly and can lose their shape depending on your texture and cut style. Additionally, the mini fringe also requires more day-to-day attention for some. Those with unruly textures or cowlicks may find they have to spend more time in front of the mirror smoothing their fringe to get to lay right.

Baby Bangs in the Salon

We always recommend getting your baby bangs cut in the salon. Due to how short this fringe is, the margin for error is much larger. It can be easy to go too short. One second you aren’t short enough, the next you are nearly at your hairline.

When visiting the salon for your first baby bangs haircut, always plan to discuss your face shape and what flatters it, along with your existing hairstyle and how this may change the way it is cut. Because they come in many shapes and sizes, you may want something that frames the face and blends out into face-framing layers. If you don’t like face framing, you may want something blunt and straight across. If you have a round face shape, stray away from a rounded bang. Those with square face shapes should opt for something choppy and less blunt. Ultimately, your stylist should consult and work with you before making the big chop.

Baby Bangs at Home

If you want to try your hand at a baby bangs haircut at home, there are a few factors to be wary of in addition to what you would discuss with your stylist in the salon. First, always start with a good pair of cutting shears and not kitchen scissors. You need a sharp blade to ensure each hair gets cut on the first pass, so you aren’t going back over and hacking up your line.

Second, remember to relax your face. Many of us don’t realize that we make a face when staring in the mirror. If you raise your eyebrows or scrunch your forehead while concentrating, you will end up cutting your bangs to fit that face and not your relaxed expression. Lastly, point cutting is your friend. If anything feels too blunt, cut vertically into the perimeter of your baby bangs to shatter the ends and remove blunt edges. Just be sure to focus the shears at the edges of your hair, and not too far up into the fringe itself.

Baby Bangs Inspiration

If you’ve made it this far and decided that baby bangs are in fact for you, here are a few of our favorite ways to wear the hairstyle.

Long Layers and Shattered Edge

Shattering the edge of your bangs can help the shorter length flow seamlessly into long, layered hair.

Blunt Baby

Blunt baby bangs are a beautiful thing because they look good on almost any hair texture—from super straight to super curly.

Curly Mini Fringe

Speaking of curly hair, these bangs look good curly, too. You don’t have to smooth and straighten them every day.

Baby Bob

A bob and bangs is a cute, romantic classic. No matter what type of bob you have, something about this combination turns you into the mysterious French love interest that everyone wants.

Shaggy Bangs

The shag is truly one of the best haircuts to pair with baby bangs. The choppy endless layers of shag create a perfect contrast with the blunt, framing edges of a baby bang. Not to mention how seamlessly they flow into face-framing layers.

Tapered and Tight

Tapered baby bangs are one of our favorites. A tapered mini fringe can frame your face in a way that highlights all your best features.

Shaved Sides

If you’re looking for a baby bangs haircut with more impact, try shaving the sides of your head. The blunt lines created by the extended mini fringe and undercut give off major punk rock vibes.

Choppy Baby Bangs

Choppy baby bangs hair is the universally flattering mini fringe. This style of mini fringe seems to look good on nearly any face shape. The super shattered ends help break up the harshness of the shorter length. If you’re trying baby bangs for the first time, this is always a good option.

Are you a curly girl looking for some more fringe tips? HERE’s proof you can pair curly hair with bangs!

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