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Behold the Power of Babylights in These 6 Inspo Pics

Hair color can change everything. With a quick switch of the shade, you can drastically alter your appearance. From contouring your face to highlighting your eyes and complementing your skin tone, even the simplest change makes a big impact. Enter babylights. The easiest way to “new hair new you.” These teeny, tiny, lightened locks instantly add depth, dimension, and a little bit of glow. It’s ideal for summer and these six inspo pics just prove our point.

1. Caramel Accents

A brunette mane can definitely benefit from babylights. Caramel accents add a summer-ready glow to darker strands.


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2. Platinum Babylights

Talk about shimmer. Platinum babylights compliment a blonde mane in all of the best ways.


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3. Bright Babylights

A burst of brightness serves as the ultimate summer accent to a dark brunette mane. Subtle but so stunning.

4. Super Subtle

Even the softest take on the babylight color trend can make a major impact. Sophisticated and blended to perfection, a little bit of lightness goes a long way.


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5. Honey Highlights

How about honey for summer? More neutral than a caramel tone, flecks of honey hair color can revolutionize a natural light brown shade.


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6. Curly Babylights

Babylights and beautifully defined curls—name a more iconic duo. A little bit of brightness for summer is a curly girl’s must.


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With summer right around the corner, it’s time to get serious about protecting your mane. Check out our guide on how to best look after your strands HERE!

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