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These 10 Back-to-School Shades Are Almost Too Cool for School

As August comes to a close, we’re struggling to cope with the cold hard truth: summer is over. And that means heading back to class and back to the books. There’s really only one thing that can soften the blow of the post-vacation blues: a cool new hair color. From dirty brunette to Little Mermaid red, this autumn is shaping up to have some phenomenal tonal trends. Check out our 10 favorite back-to-school hair colors for the new semester below!

1. Dirty Brunette

Going for the subtle update? This dirty brunette color trend is just the thing. This low-maintenance shade gives summer-vacationed-on-a-tropical-island energy even if you never left your house all summer long.

2. Neon Color Blocks

Subtle not your thing? Make a major change going into this new school year with neon color-blocking. Complementary tones add a softness to this striking look.

3. Dusty Rose

This muted rose shade is just too cool. Both brunettes and blondes can rock this shimmery pink-tinted tone.

4. Red Accents

It’s no secret that red hair colors are trending. If you’re not ready to dive right into the red color spectrum just yet, a few expertly-placed accents can still make a major difference.

5. Billie Eilish Black

Billie Eilish has worn countless hair colors since she made her start in the music industry. But this almost-black hue is one of our favorites.


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6. Hair Tinsel

This is possibly the lowest commitment way to swap your shade—just a few pieces of tinsel can add serious shine. Go back to school with Tik Tok’s hottest hair trend.


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7. True Chocolate

Addison Rae is, has, and always will be brunette color goals. Her latest chocolate shade is ideal for heading back to campus.

8. Little Mermaid Red

Karol G is giving us big under the sea energy with this new fire truck red shade. This statement-making back-to-school hair color is very “new year, new me.”


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9. Platinum Money Piece

The money piece trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Thick, face-framing blonde strands are still so chic for a post-summer color change.


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10. Under Color

Finally, a back-to-school hair color you can customize. Peek-a-boo color is playful and unique—opt for a super subtle change or a bold bright shade.

Now that you have the perfect back-to-school hair color, let’s talk styles. HERE are 41 back-to-school hairstyles that totally make the grade!

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