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How to Turn a Bad Hair Day Into a #BadassHairDay with OGX

If you’re a Mane Addict, you know there’s nothing worse than a bad hair day. If your outfit is on point, if your hair ain’t fly, boy bye! Because we want you to NEVER have a bad hair day (may all hair days be great hair days), we teamed up with some of our fav Mane Masters (do Laura Polko and Scotty Cunha ring a bell?!), as well as major mane ambition babe Michelle Madsen (of Michelle Take Aim), to help us fight the hair blues with the help of OGX. Say goodbye to your bad hair day and hello to a #BadassHairDay.

 So what does Laura Polko, stylist to Chrissy Teigen, Shay Mitchell, and Kim Kardashian, struggle with the most on the worst of the worst hair days? Flat, lifeless strands. The fix? Start with OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Elevated Finish Spray and Argan Oil of Morocco Surf Paste to tame down tired tresses and give life to a bomb braided pony. If you skipped a shampoo or your hair feels greasy, nothing looks more chic than a sleek, pulled back style.


When Michelle needs to give her waves some major oomph, she reaches for OGX O2 Weightless Oil + Lifting Tonic post curling for instant, effortless, lived-in texture. 

But when it’s time for pro help, Scotty Cunha, the man behind the manes of Ashley Tisdale, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, fights gravity by blowdrying in OGX Niacin3 and Caffeine Root Spray for volume and texture. After working the product through, he used a curling iron to give the hair a bend, then finished with OGX Coconut Milk Hydration Oil for a healthy, shiny finish.

 We want to know how you turn a bad hair day into a #BadassHairDay in the comments below!

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Videos by Dave Lang @thedavelang




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