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Balloon Scrunchies Are the Next Big Accessory Trend

We’re predicting low maintenance vibes when it comes to trends in 2021. That’s why balloon scrunchies are sure to be the next big thing.

When it comes to accessories, we’re pretty into statement pieces (see also: oversized headbands). But this whole always-indoors situation has us dreaming of something subtle that still stuns. Enter balloon scrunchies. A quasi-80s aesthetic, these functional tress-ties toe the line between laidback casual and standout glamour. Between patterned silky fabrics and chiffon constructions, there’s essentially a balloon scrunchie for every occasion. From sitting on your sofa to going to the grocery and everything else we’re still doing these days.

Check out these totally trending 8 balloon scrunchies below!

1. Lulus Lots of Love Black Multi Satin Oversized Scrunchie Set: $18

You know what they say: three is better than one. This super versatile tri-color scrunchie set comes with a gold, rose, and black tie. Something for everyone.

Via Lulus

2. Kitsch Brunch Scrunchie: $12

A spotted scrunchie is always in– especially one that’s oversized. This beige and black polka dotted accessory from cool girl brand Kitsch is just the thing to spice up your stay at home style.

Via Sephora

3. Lele Sadoughi x Fekkai Oversized Scrunchie: $35

A total power duo– in more ways than one. Lele Sadoughi teamed up with haircare brand Fekkai to create a limited edition accessory that is extremely one of a kind. Two-tones, organic, and sustainable, this super scrunchie is so in.

Via Fekkai

4. Free People Sheer Super Scrunchie: $12

This balloon scrunchie is an ethereal dream come true. With shades of pastels and pops of bold color, Free People’s eclectic take on this trend is a definite must buy.

Via Free People

5. Kitsch Textured Dinner Scrunchie: $12

Add a feminine touch to any ensemble with this textured scrunchie by Kitsch. With an 8-inch diameter and a gorgeous silk fabric, this adorable accessory instantly elevates any outfit.

Via Kitsch


6. Tasha Oversized Velvet Scrunchie: $18

Put a demure spin on the balloon scrunchie trend with a gorgeous velvet fabric and a ladylike lace trim. This royal red rendition from Tasha is a favorite.

Via Nordstrom

7. Urban Outfitters Lola Scrunchie: $5

Everyone needs a playful, printed piece in their wardrobe. Peppered with itty bitty butterflies, this lavender balloon scrunchie is stunning but subtle.

Via Urban Outfitters

8. Donni Mini Sherpa Chiquita: $40

Name something cozier. We’ll wait. This sherpa scrunchie is everything we’ve been waiting for: super-sized, super-soft, and super-chic.

Via Donni

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