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9 Chic Ways to Sport a Summer Bandana

From the runways of fashion week to the street style snaps of social media, bandanas are the latest retro trend to mount a major comeback.

These simple scarves transcend time, with each new decade adding a subtle spin on the classic trend. There’s the ’40s bandana-turned-hair-tie, the classic ’50s full-coverage hair scarf, and the 2000s bandana headband. One accessory, one thousand ways to wear it. This summer, we’re taking on this fashion-favorite trend every way we can. And we’re rounding up some classic vintage inspo to help us rock this awesome accessory.

These nine vintage inspo pics prove that bandanas are the ideal summertime aesthetic.

1. 2000s Headband

Who could forget JLo’s iconic appearance at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards? A thickly-folded, eyebrow-grazing bandana is a late ’90s/early 2000s vibe we can’t wait to replicate.

(via Getty)

2. 1980s Royalty

Royals rock bandanas, too. Princess Caroline’s sporty take on the bandana and ponytail combination is one of our favorite fashionable memories.

FRANCE - AUGUST 01:  Caroline, Stefano and Albert In Saint Tropez, France On August 01, 1988.  (Photo by Patrick SICCOLI/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

(via Getty)

3. 1940s Working Girls

Pin curls and hair scarves go hand-in-hand. This 1940s snap is giving us Rosie the Riveter energy. Perfect for Summer 2022.

circa 1943:  One American female worker drives rivets into an aircraft while another sits in the cockpit on the US home front during World War II. They wear aprons and their hair tucked into scarves. Women who went to work in industries to aid the war effort became known under the moniker 'Rosie the Riveter'.  (Photo by Harold M. Lambert/Lambert/Getty Images)

(via Getty)

4. 2000s Supermodel Scarves

Naomi Campbell is and always will be our every-season aesthetic inspiration. This printed hair scarf and pony combination is a 2000s look we can totally get behind.

LONDON - SEPTEMBER 25:  Naomi Campbell attends the Julien MacDonald Fashion Show on September 25, 2003 in London. (Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images)

(via Getty)

5. 1970s Bandana-Turned-Headband

The bandana is truly a multipurpose accessory. This 1970s snap of British singer-songwriter Lynsey de Paul is making the case for wavy tresses and twisted bandanas this season.

Successful British singer-songwriter Lynsey de Paul, circa 1970. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

(via Getty)

6. 1970s Bangs and Bandanas

A killer combination. Italian actress Claudia Cardinale is pictured here, looking effortless in a tied-back bandana and face-framing fringe.

Italian actress Claudia Cardinale (Claude Joséphine Rose Cardinale) acting in the film Father of the Godfather. 1978 (Photo by Mondadori via Getty Images)

(via Getty)

7. 1960s Hair Scarf Headband

Perched effortlessly behind the bangs, this stellar take on the bandana trend is as mod as ever. Pair this look with turned-out tresses for the ultimate ’60s ensemble.


(via Getty)

8. 1980s Wrapped Bandana

This is the classic bandana ensemble. Actress Kelly Lynch matched her cherry red convertible for this iconic 1989 photograph.

(Original Caption) : 1989-Movie actress Kelly Lynch is shown leaning on the door of the classic convertible automobile that she's seated in. She's wearing a white shirt and a red bandana.   (Photo by Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images)

(via Getty)

9. 1970s Full-Coverage Wrap

Another classic take on the iconic bandana. Style icons from Brigitte Bardot to Jean Seberg (pictured here in 1979) rocked the headscarf as a hair covering on the reg. This vintage look is old Hollywood glam.

Jean Seberg (1938-1979), US actress, wearing a red, white and blue headscarf, circa 1970. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

(via Getty)

Copy THESE ’70s muses ASAP for an effortless summertime aesthetic!

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