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HOW-TO: Banks’ Sleek Curls by Sarah Potempa

Sarah Potempa recently styled our favorite new performer Banks’ hair for an upcoming MTV appearance. Shared on each other’s Instagrams, we were able to get a sneak peek at the the singer/songwriter’s sultry strands. Curious how you can recreate her sleek and shiny curls? Sarah Potempa breaks it down for us below…

banks sleek sultry waves sarah potempa

“The inspiration for the look was classic, chic with a 60s vibe.  To make the roll of the 60s wave more modern, we paired the curls with a center part that was tucked on both sides.

banks sleek curls by sarah potempa


1. Start by creating a clean, center part. Blow dry hair under with a boar bristle, nylon brush like the On Set Styling Brush. NOTE: The key to this look is properly framing the face by blow drying the sections around the front forward to create a clean line on the hairline.

2. Starting on the bottom and working your way up, lift large large 2″ sections and curl under using the Beachwaver S1. Remove and secure to the base with a 2″ duckbill clip. TIP: For extra side and back volume, spray a flexible hairspray and blow dry under the root. 

3. Once all the curls have cooled, remove clips and brush out. NOTE: to get a smooth finish, I like to spray my On Set Styling brush with a flexible hairspray, like Aussie’s Sprunch, and then gather all the hair in front and brush under. 

4. To finalize this look, spray your comb with the hairspray and comb the hairline forward and tuck behind the ears. 

Be sure to follow @sarahpotempa and @hernameisbanks for more #manespiration.

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