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5 Things You Need to Know About Baobab for Your Hair

Baobab is the next buzzy, natural ingredient that does double-duty in skin and haircare. The baobab tree is built for arid environments which is why it’s so sought after. Any tree that can survive under extreme conditions will pack a seriously moisturizing punch, especially one with a built-in water tank. Baobab is most often used as an oil for hair, and it offers a ton of benefits. Below, we break down its most notable benefits and even share our fave baobab hair products. Here’s what you need to know about the newest addition to your shelf from two brands that have crafted hero products from the key ingredient!

First, What Is Baobab Oil?

As you likely guessed, baobab oil comes from the magical baobab tree. It’s cold-pressed from the seeds, leaving you with a rich, decadent oil that works wonders for your skin and strands. Some even use it for cooking, so it truly is a multi-hyphenate product.

Those with dry or sensitive skin tend to benefit the most from this wonder product. Even those with acne-prone complexions will find this miracle oil useful for banishing blemishes. As for hair, it’s often used as a scalp treatment to treat dandruff. This moisturizing oil will keep flakes at bay.

Baobab Oil Hair Benefits

1. Baobab Reverses Damage

Manessa Lormejuste, product development at Playa touts the benefits of baobab, noting that it adds the moisture you need to keep hair shiny. “It offers your hair superior damage recovery and has intense protection from UV stress and heat. The ingredient is also a known anti-aging agent for hair and skin,” says Manessa.

2. It Can Store 100,000 Liters of Water

“Baobab is a giant tree, known for producing nutrient-dense fruit in the dry season,” explains Namin Moon, head of marketing at Mediheal. “Often called the tree of life, baobab can store more than 100,000 liters of water in its trunk creating a ‘water tank’ that helps the tree survive during dry, desert conditions. A single tree can live for over 500-years. Baobab is incredibly moisturizing for dry, thirsty skin. It’s also known as the superfood for deep hydration.”

3. The Fruit Has a Velvety Shell

“Baobab fruit is typically harvested during the months between February and May,” says Namin. “The fruit has a velvety shell and is about the size of a coconut. Inside the fruit are numerous seeds. Baobab oil is extracted from the seeds creating a nutrient-rich oil.”

4. It’s Vitamin Rich

“Baobab oil is an excellent beauty ingredient because of its numerous benefits. It is rich in vitamins and omega 3’s that lock in moisture and support the skin’s natural moisture levels for long-lasting hydration. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant to help protect skin from damaging environmental aggressors,” Namin continues.

5. Baobab Transforms Hair Immediately

Baobab provides deep nourishment to tresses “for greater manageability and instantly conditions for a softer, smoother feel by reinforcing strands for improved strength,” Manessa says. “Your hair feels conditioned and soft immediately after use,” she notes. “Continued use aids in the strengthening of hair.”

Best Baobab Hair Products

We had to share some of our favorite baobab products so you know where to start. These products are truly the best of the best, so they won’t disappoint. We do have to note, for legal reasons (ew), that these are affiliate links. This means we may make a share of the sale off any purchase you make.

1. Playa Supernatural Conditioner

It’s not just the baobab that makes this conditioner special. Formulated to self-adjust for all hair types and textures, you’ll get custom care based on your hair’s needs. No matter how damaged your tresses, this conditioner will repair them.

Playa Supernatural Conditioner
(via Sephora)

2. R+Co On a Cloud Baobab Oil Repair Shampoo

Severely damaged strands will greatly benefit from this baobab oil-based shampoo. While it gently cleanses your hair, the repairing formula helps re-bond the hair’s inner structure to boost moisture and hydration.

R+Co On a Cloud Baobab Oil Repair Shampoo
(via Dermstore)

3. Aveda Nutriplenish Leave-In Conditioner

Packed with a blend of conditioning and hydrating ingredients, this leave-in does it all. It will detangle your strands and protect them from heat styling, along with protecting your hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The leave-in is also free from silicones, sulfate cleansers, parabens, gluten, mineral oil, and petrolatum, and is 98% naturally derived.

3. Aveda Nutriplenish Leave-In Conditioner
(via Aveda)

4. African Pride Moisture Miracle Leave-In Cream

Coconut oil and baobab oil are the ultimate pair in this leave-in cream. They work together to deeply nourish your strands and protect against breakage. Specifically designed for those with coily and curly textures, your curls will feel rejuvenated after one use.

African Pride Miracle Moisture Leave-In Cream
(via Walmart)

5. SheaMoisture Low Porosity Protein-Free Leave-In Detangler

Have low porosity hair? This product is calling your name. SheaMoisture didn’t want to leave those with low porosity strands out to dry. Knowing your hair can get rather tangled, they created this detangler to undo even the toughest knots.

Shea Moisture Low Porosity Protein-Free Leave-In Detangler
(via Walmart)

Baobab oil isn’t the only hair oil you need to know about. Discover why grapeseed oil is a mircale hair ingredient HERE!

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