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A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Madelaine Petsch’s Barbie Ponytail

Since her debut in 1959, Barbie has always been an icon—though now more than ever, she’s really hit her stride. With the rise of Barbiecore and a Barbie movie coming out soon, Barbie is the name on everyone’s tongue these days. She is one hot commodity, one actress Madelaine Petsch emulated for our latest Mane Muse shoot. And while no one can ever be Barbie, Petsch did come pretty darn close with many of the looks, including the signature Barbie ponytail. Want to get the look yourself? Celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena (who styled Petsch’s hair for the Mane Muse shoot), shares his step-by-step to achieving a Barbie pony on your own strands below!

Madelaine Petsch wearing a Barbie ponytail for the Mane Muse shoot | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Mike Rosenthal)

About the Expert

Marc Mena is a bicoastal celebrity hairstylist who has styled Madelaine Petsch, Mindy Kaling, Jennifer Coolidge, and more.

How to Achieve a Barbie Ponytail, Step-by-Step

Step 1: Blow-dry the hair.

To get the Barbie ponytail just right, you’ll need to first start out by blowdrying your hair. Mena mentions that he begins “by blowing the hair straight with a round brush.” He says the key is “to use tension to polish and smooth the hair.”

Step 2: Pull hair into a high ponytail.

Once your hair is blow-dried, it’s time to put it in the pony. Mena uses a Mason Pearson brush to get the ponytail into optimal position. Then, he secures it with a bungee cord versus an elastic hair tie. To complete the ponytail, Mena wraps “loose hair around the elastic to hide it, creating a seamless look.”

Step 3: Create the signature flip.

The flip is the most important part of the Barbie ponytail. After all, it’s what makes a Barbie ponytail a Barbie ponytail. Mena shares that he uses the “GHD Platinum+ Flat Iron to create a gentle flip at the end of the ponytail and finishes by spraying with a light hold hairspray to allow movement.”

Step 4: Add an accessory.

This final step of the process isn’t a requirement, though it can definitely take your Barbie pony up a notch. “This style is very versatile so we decided to add a pink visor to take it from a more elevated look to something more sporty and chic,” shares Mena. You can add a visor as well, or even a hair bow. Heck, why not some hair gems? When accessorizing, think, “What would Barbie do?” and let that be your guide.

Madelaine Petsch wearing a Barbie ponytail with a pink visor and all-pink outfit in front of a rainbow bookshelf | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Mike Rosenthal)

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