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BLOGGERS WHOSE HAIR WE LOVE: Barefoot Blonde’s Amber Clark

Barefoot Blonde Braid Crown

If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram and wondered how the heck do you get hair like that, Amber Fillerup Clark is here to tell you, it’s not complicated.

Barefoot Blonde Messy Bun

This braid-obsessed blogger knows a thing or two about taking an intimidating plait and breaking it down for even the most beauty challenged chicks out there. From teaming up with Lauren Conrad to style braided buns to recreating everyday looks, the Barefoot Blonde’s hair tutorials are hands down some of the best we’ve seen.

Barefoot Blonde Long Blonde Hair

Check out her hair archives for an unparalleled library of braided ponytails, intricate plaits and FAQs on hair care.

We’re personally loving this twisted fishtail and Clark’s go-to look, the halo fishtail.

Barefoot Blonde Inside Out Braid

If flipping through Clark’s tutorials still isn’t enough to satisfy your braid craze, follow her on Instagram for inspiration. The NYC blogger takes the city by storm with her family in tow, plaits on point the entire time.


Don’t forget to follow @amberfillerup for more #manespiration.

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