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We’re Loving Barely-There Bangs for Summer

It’s no secret bangs are back in the zeitgeist these days. With the rise of curtain bangs, then bottleneck bangs, we’ve all had fringe on the brain. While the styles of late have been bold and attention-grabbing, we’re seeing a much softer take on fringe trending. Enter barely-there bangs. Think wispy, face-framing tendrils that expertly highlight your face while not appearing too heavy. For those not quite ready to hard launch bangs, opt for this soft launch version of fringe. We break down everything you need to know about barely-there bangs, including some of the best looks, below!

What Are Barely-There Bangs?

As mentioned above, this style of bang is a wispy fringe. Glamour likens them to “light layers around the hairline,” which is the perfect way to describe them. Unlike full bangs, there’s an airiness to this nearly commitment-free style. They’re still bangs for those ready to dabble in the world of fringe, but they’re easier to hide and can really accentuate your face better than other fringe styles.

Barely-there bangs also tend to be longer in length, which means they’ll be easier to grow out if you end up disliking them. With that extra bit of length, it’s easier to hide them and blend them into your tresses.

How to Get the Style

When asking for the chop from your stylist, be sure to focus on the word piecey. These bangs aren’t blunt and, like we said, are airy in nature. Ask for wispy bangs, because your stylist will likely know what you mean by that. But remember, reference photos are always preferred. This will give your stylist a clearer picture and ensure you’re both on the same page about the barely-there bangs you want before they accidentally give you micro bangs.

Best Barely-There Bangs Looks

For those who need some barely-there bangs inspiration, we’ve got you covered. There are a number of ways to sport this style, so we rouned up a handful of our favorites. Don’t forget to bring the one you like the most to your next hair appointment!

Shaggy Barely-There Bangs

Give your bangs the shag treatment with this tousled take on the fringe. They blend seamlessly into the shag haircut, so if you already have it, you’re a cut above the rest.

Soft Fringe

For bangs that are a bit fuller, opt for soft fringe. This take offers a little more bang, though the pieces can still be pulled back on days you can’t be bothered to style them.

Sporadic Fringe

Give your strands an extra bit of texture with these barely-there bangs, which as you can see, are barely there. They look more like layers than they do bangs.

Curly Barely-There Bangs

You don’t have to have straight hair to rock the trend. Even those with curly tresses can get it on the fun. Flip the ends for a truly retro feel.

Eyelid-Length Fringe

Because this type of bang is piecey and airy, it lends itself to being a bit longer in length. Go for this eyelid-length fringe to get a head start on the grow-out process.

Side Barely-There Bangs

Of course, straight-on fringe isn’t the only take for barely-there bangs. You can give it the side bang treatment too, as evident from this style.

Can’t decide on the best bangs for you? Let the stars do it for you! HERE is the best bang style for your zodiac sign.

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