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The One Product You Need for a Healthy Scalp

A healthy scalp is your baseline for great hair. If your scalp is irritated, itchy, or super dry, your hair won’t grow in as full as it could because buildup blocks follicles. Though we may want to treat it, it’s tempting to opt for our favorite hair-focused product to heighten curls, reduce frizz, or protect color and let our scalp slip through the cracks. This is also because the scalp category leaves little to be desired as it’s often more medicinal than luxe. To make matters worse, even if it does help ease scalp irritation, it’s usually through super harsh chemicals that are harmful to sensitive strands. So, what’s a dandruff-prone person to do? We found the one scalp irritation product that you need to jump-start a healthy scalp—and, it’s totally natural. Allow us to introduce you to Bea’s Bayou and their Good Biome Scalp Solution.

About the Expert

Arielle Brown is the founder of Bea’s Bayou, a probiotic skincare line. During the pandemic, she created scalp drops to help soothe her inflamed scalp and to her surprise, Bea’s Bayou Skincare was born. This summer, Bea’s Bayou Skincare won the Essence and Aveeno Skin Health Pitch Award. 

About Bea’s Bayou and Their Good Biome Scalp Solution

“I created this product because I needed it for myself,” says Bea’s Bayou founder Arielle Brown. “I’ve spent 20 years looking for something to help relieve my scalp so I could feel somewhat ‘normal’ and be able to enjoy more types of hairstyles longer. I could not find it, so I made it,” she continues. Developed over several months during the summer of 2020, Arielle’s pandemic business has flourished, partially because of this hero scalp saver.

Unlike other scalp solutions, Brown relied on the microbiome (the layer of “good bacteria” on the skin). Science confirms that hyper-cleansing our scalps does more harm than good. By stripping away this natural layer, our bodies wind up overcompensating, making irritation worse. “Probiotic extracts target harmful overgrowth of yeast and bacteria on the scalp to help balance and soothe naturally,” Brown says.

How Does It Help With Scalp Irritation?

The Good Biome Scalp Solution relies on probiotic bioactives. Brown explains they “help rebalance skin and protect the scalp from free radical damage, among a list of other benefits.” She then goes through these ingredients, detailing what each one does.

“Lavender helps skin with its own recovery, while clove helps calm skin and remedy discoloration. Black walnut is a highly beneficial ingredient to strengthen skin’s defenses. Tea tree is a centuries-old cleanser,” notes Brown. This couples with oregano and nettle to stimulate follicles and support growth and antioxidant properties. She continues, listing out the benefits of the rest of the mostly all organic ingredients. “Hemp seed is rich in omega 3, 6, and 9, which adds suppleness. Marula balances moisture and is vitamin-rich. Marshmallow repairs the skin barrier. Rosehip seed is easily absorbed and hydrates, while evening primrose enhances elasticity, addresses dryness, irritation, roughness, and aging skin.”

This impressive blend works because of each individual oil. “Natural ingredients help soften rough patches and relieve itch due to the inflammatory reactions related to eczema and inflammation,” adds Brown. Finally, “because it’s lightweight, all hair types and textures can enjoy it.”

Here’s What Happened When I Tried It

As someone who has felt the pains of scalp irritation and loves an all-natural product, I had to try this. The first thing I noticed—which is the first thing I always notice about every hair product—is the smell, which is refreshing and has botanical/citrus notes. While it’s slightly strong in the bottle, a little goes a long way.

Application is easy—simply add drops of the product and massage it in. This is a key step as you’re generating blood flow and heat, allowing the product to penetrate the scalp. There is also a spray top (available for purchase separately), which you can use for more of a spot treatment, and to cover a larger surface area at once.

The effects are immediately soothing—my scalp feels like it can breathe, which is a rarity. It’s an amazing sensation—you don’t even realize how much is gunked up at the top of your roots until you clear it all away. As the solution can make scalp buildup and dead skin release so easily, this can look like your irritation problem getting worse. Never fear—stick with the regimen and you’re only a few washes away from a totally clear scalp. I would recommend detoxing from other products at this initial phase, but it’s not required. The product is lightweight enough to be used in conjunction with anything else, but you know I love a good detox.

If you have any kind of seborrheic dermatitis, this is potentially a total game-changer, eliminating flakes and transforming your hair quality almost instantly.

Apart from this scalp irritation product, HERE are 12 dandruff cures you need to know.

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