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HOW-TO: Low Pony and Braided Top Knot with Beautibox Hair Wraps

Beautibox ponytail

If you’re anything like us, your 2016 beauty resolution involves playing with your mane more! That means more hair accessories, amped up hairstyles, and taking bold leaps to try something new. Which is why we love Beautibox hair wraps. These hair ties are literally the simplest hair upgrade with minimal effort (and if that means we can hit the snooze button and still look chic, we’re in). Besides doubling as a statement bracelet, Beautibox Hair Wraps are easily removed from the hair without causing snags, dents, or breakage.

Beautibox Hair Wrap

Beautibox co-creator Richard Collins walks us through 2 fashionably easy to recreate looks that will have us embracing our new years resolutions stat.



“I wanted to start all 3 looks with a beachy textured base so starting with damp hair, I sprayed Schwarzkopf Biotin and Vitality Root Lift Spray at the roots and Soft Tousle Spray at the ends. I rough dried the hair for added texture and then went through with a 2 inch curling iron, wrapping random pieces in different directions for a deconstructed look. I finished the hair with a little bit of Crystal Shine Hair Spray for added hold.”



Beautibox Low Ponytail

“For the low ponytail, I separated the hair into 2 parts, as if I were creating pigtails. I wrapped the 2 pieces around each other into a low ponytail and secured with the Beautibox hair wrap.”



“The bun was actually a fishtail braid. I secured the hair into a high ponytail with a basic elastic. Next, I braided the ponytail and wrapped into a bun, securing with the Beautibox hair wrap. Once secure, I pulled pieces out to give it an undone look.” 

“I love that the hair wraps put an interesting twist on your basic rubber band. It’s a decorative fun way to throw your hair into a ponytail or bun, and they are easy to put in and easy to take out, reducing chances for damage. I love the idea of bringing a professional product that stylists usually use on the runway, straight to the consumer so they can reap the benefits as well.”

Hellz yes! We’re all about this chic multi use hair ties. Get yours here and enter ‘maneaddicts’ at checkout for 30% off and free shipping!


Hair: Richard Collins @dickycollins

Makeup: Carissa Ferreri using Sisley Paris @carissaferreri 

Photo/Video: Desirae Cherie @desiraecherie

2 minutes

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