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7 Beauty Brands We’d Love to See Make Hair Products

Although we usually stick strictly to hair-related labels here, we have to admit there are certain beauty brands we would love to see make products for our luscious locks. 

You never know, this piece could give these folks serious mane-spiration and we could end up with the hair products of our dreams by this time next year. Whether that’s wishful thinking, or a possibility already in the works, scroll down below for all the amazing skin care and makeup brands we’d cop hair products from real quick.

1. Tatcha 

To our disappointment, the only product from Japanese skincare brand Tatcha that can be used on your hair is their Gold Camellia Beauty Oil. We definitely hope this will change in the near future because their other skin care products are simply magical. Their less-is-more approach would work perfectly for a shampoo and conditioner, especially for hair types that don’t require crazy maintenance.

2. Fenty Beauty

Enough said, right? If Fenty Beauty began making hair products, we would probably just drop dead right then and there. Rihanna’s bold and beautiful label has crushed it in every other department, just imagine how flawless a scalp oil or deep conditioner would be if they made such a thing? If they were anything like the brand’s Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum, the game would be officially changed, my friends.

3. Dr. Barbara Sturm

There’s a reason so many celebs rave about Dr. Barbara Sturm’s products. I mean, why wouldn’t a world-famous aesthetician formulate incredible hair merch? They would be science-based yet nontoxic and highly effective. Yes, please.

4. bareMinerals

bareMinerals has come a long way. They continue to expand their reach with killer foundation, primer, bronzer and more. Their skin improving formulas have been causing glow ups before clean beauty was really even a thing and don’t you think that means they’d develop epic hair products?

5. Naturopathica

Focused on holistic healing practices and herbal skincare, we’re super bummed the glorious Naturopathica hasn’t moved into the realm of hair care. We’d be beyond excited to see what kind of leave-in conditioner or hair thickening products they would make, using the power of botanicals. It’s about time we just speak this venture into existence.

6. Kosas

Another impeccable clean beauty brand, Kosas would absolutely leave a mark in the hair care space. Their ever-so-popular Tinted Face Oil is a skin care and makeup staple, so just imagine if they dropped a hair oil? It would be lightweight, deliver serious hydration and give long-lasting results.

7. Farmacy Beauty

Longtime love of ours Farmacy Beauty always delivers when it comes to quality skin care and products for your tresses would be no different. Combining elements of their Daily Greens Moisturizer and Honey Potion Mask would make a perfectly balanced, deeply hydrating shampoo and conditioner set. @ Farmacy—get on board, please.

Another thing of the future for hair care? Shampoo Bars! Find out all about forward thinking brand Superzero’s no-waste bars HERE.

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