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CITY GUIDE: NYC’s Top 5 Beauty Buying Destinations

With Fashion Week just around the corner, we’ve barely had time to put away our swimsuits, let alone prep for the biggest event in fashion! If you’re heading to the Big Apple this week, stock up on all your last-minute beauty buys with our round up of the best cosmetics destinations to include in your NYC itinerary.

  BIRCHBOX Ever since Birchbox launched in 2010, we all check the mailbox each month, waiting patiently for that little pink box of joy to arrive. But if you’re travelling to the city that never sleeps, the wait is over! Birchbox opened the doors to their first-ever flagship store last July, and to say it was it worth the wait is an understatement! birchbox store nyc Tourists heading to SoHo can shop a diverse selection of beauty products, BYOB (build your own Birchbox), and our favorite, The Try Bar, stocked with the latest beauty trends and innovations for you to experiment with. Downstairs below the shop, this beauty mecca is complete with a salon that offers hair, makeup and nail services, so you leave the store feeling fully stocked and looking fabulous! SoHo | 433 West Broadway | NY, NY 10012   BLUEMERCURY Hailing originally from D.C., this small-but-mighty cosmetics powerhouse arrived in NYC back in 2008. Their extremely knowledgeable staff is what sets them apart, and they carry everything from our favorites, Mason Pearson, Morrocanoil, and Philip B, to the more unconventional, high-end products they owe their reputation to. bluemercury nyc This beauty find is also equipped with a no-frills spa that offers waxing, massages, and facials if you need a quick pick-me-up before returning to NYFW. For even the most devoted beauty junkie, there’s something special to take home with you from Bluemercury. Union Square| 865 Broadway | NY, NY 10003 (multiple locations)   C.O. BIGELOW APOTHECARIES This classic pharmacy founded in 1838 is well known as the oldest apothecary in America! Tucked away in Greenwich Village, this hidden gem is easily the most storied and unique pit stop on our list. co bigelow nyc Here, you’ll find an extensive inventory of all-natural homeopathic remedies, skincare, fragrance, and of course hair products! From their selection of Serge Normant to R+Co and Oribe, the village’s best-kept secret is as much a landmark as it is a beauty destination! Greenwich Village | 414 Sixth Avenue | NY, NY 10011   RICKY’S NYC Our round-up wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Ricky’s. Originally one of the few places you could purchase upscale salon products without the price tag, Ricky’s will always be a “one stop super shop for everything beauty in NYC.” ricky's nyc Whether you’re on the market for new products, styling tools, or the perfect hair accessories, you’ll find a crazy, eclectic selection, and more at any of their seventeen locations in Manhattan. With a staggering assortment of bright and glittery accessories, Ricky’s is the place to fulfill your inner teenage dream and fangirl out for Fashion Week. 1412 Broadway | NY, NY 10018 (multiple locations)   SPACE.NK.APOTHECARY Space NK is a fresh, modern take on the beauty pharmacy, boasting stocked shelves with products from around the world. This Britain-based shop has always been infamously ahead of the curve, with the first concept store in Covent Garden featuring one of London’s original juice bars. space nk apothecary nyc Space NK carries staple brands such as Bumble and Bumble, Frederic Fekkai and Sachajuan, in addition to their extensive variety of styling tools, makeup, skincare, and wellness products. Boasting an incredible selection of international beauty buys, this contemporary apothecary is an absolute must in picking up the essentials to survive Fashion Week while looking fabulous! 99 Greene Street | NY, NY 10012 (multiple locations)  

What are your go-to beauty destinations in NYC?!

How are you getting runway ready for Fashion Week?

Sound off in the comments below!


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