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Top Beauty Editors’ 2016 #HairGoals

Beauty Editors #HairGoals

If there’s one seemingly unbreakable New Year’s resolution, it involves your mane. Whether you vow to frequent the salon for regular trims or aspire to spruce up lifeless locks via dramatic color and cut, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll follow through—because when it comes to your hair, you don’t mess around. Ahead, 12 beauty editors from major magazines dish about their hair resolutions, proving just how serious 2016 #HairGoals can be, because if there’s one person that knows a thing or two about hair, you can bet it’s a beauty editor!


Jenna Rosenstein Hair Goals Allure Quote

“My hair goal for 2016 involves my bang maintenance. I vow to get my butt into the salon for more regular bang trims. I let them grow and grow for weeks, and then I snip at them in little pieces because I’m scared of cutting them too short. But then I have to snip them like every three days otherwise they start touching my eyeballs and messing with my mascara—causing even more ruckus. I just need to make regular, scheduled bang trims with my stylist, and a little stress will be lifted from my life.” 

Katie Becker W Mag Hair Goals Quote

I have thick hair, so I’m trying to get it looooong long. Like the kind of long that pisses off your hairstylist and freaks out your friends. Then, I have a handful of different cuts that I want to try out every couple months—longest to shortest—until I end up with a fun, wavy crop by the end of the year.”

Kelly Atterton Allure mag, beauty editor hair goals, 2016

“My 2016 hair goal is to be less lazy about getting haircuts and hair color. It’s so easy to lose yourself in the craziness and business of life. I know it’s hard to believe that an editor at a beauty magazine could possibly get lazy about her beauty upkeep, but believe me – it’s very possible! I recently cut bangs and I’m determined to maintain them instead of defacto growing them out because I couldn’t make time to swing by for a trim. I always feel sexier and healthier when my hair looks like it has a style and my color is rich and glossy – so that’s the goal, better maintenance.”

Kahlana Barfield Instyle

“I’m super conservative with my hair. I’ve been wearing the same shoulder length style—which I love—for the past year and a half. I want to switch it up and do something different each season. Maybe dye it a fun color in the spring and then chop it off in the summer? My goal is to start taking risks.”

Lexi Lebsack Refinery 29

“I’ve had long locks for almost 10 years — my hair is my thing and I tend to freak out before a haircut, you get it — but over the last few months I’ve been itching for a change. A few weeks ago, I cut off about four inches, but instead of feeling anxious I got a liberating rush of adrenaline. You guessed it: My hair resolution is to let go of the length and try something new! I’m not sure how short I’ll end up going, I plan on taking it one step at a time until I find a length that feels right for 2016.”

Cristina Velocci Stylecaster

“I have naturally curly hair and have gotten rather lazy about styling it lately, falling into the following holding pattern: air dry one day, condition and braid the next, repeat. I feel a little more put together when I take the time to do a proper blow out, so my goal is to incorporate one once a week. Like most resolutions, this one probably won’t last for more than a month, but at least my January will be filled with great hair days!”

Kirbie Johnson POPSUGAR

“My hair goal is Jennifer Lawrence hair, always. I’m glad she and I both have the bob going on now! I wish my hair was as light as hers, but my other goal is to keep my hair as healthy as possible — and she has extensions to bear the brunt of the bleach. We’ll see if my colorist, Johnny Ramirez, will let me go as blonde as I’m dying to be.”

Deena Campbell Essence

“For the past year I’ve cut my hair every three months and never let it grow to its fullest potential. For 2016, I’m vowing to only give myself trims and focus on hair length.”

Emily Gaynor Teen Vogue, beauty editor hair goals, 2016

“My number one hair goal for 2016 is to grow out my bob. I’ve had some form of a bob for all of 2015 and, while I love it, I have almost forgotten what it’s like to have long hair. It’s going to take supplements, many hair treatments, and staying away from scissors (something that’s not easy in my job). I also got bangs in 2015, and I plan to keep them. Forever. I might get bored and want to switch it up, but I am so happy I took the plunge and embraced fringe. My other hair goal for 2016 is to go platinum. I’ve been blonde before, but never fully icy white. This is surely going to interfere with my goal of achieving long hair status. Sorry, mom. Sorry, Aura [Friedman] (my amazing colorist).”

Gabrielle Korn NYLON Mag

“In 2016 I want to get my blonde to be a completely cool-toned white blonde, with no yellow—while also not frying it. It’s a gradual process, but I’m using Aveda’s blue shampoo and making sure I get my roots and toner touched up regularly. Hopefully by early spring I’ll be the ice princess I’ve always aspired to be!”

Julie Schott 2016 Hair Goal

“When I first met Jen [Atkin], we bonded over a shared appreciation for Natalie Imbruglia’s choppy ‘Torn’-era hair. 2016 will be the year I experiment with a dramatic new length. A ’90s Natalie length. There, now it’s in writing.”

Emily Ferber 2016 Hair Goal

“2015 was the first year I ever touched my color, which was a bit terrifying. With the help of Tracey Cunningham (and, more recently, Rita Hazan), I’ve added a bit of blonde to my naturally one-dimensional brunette hair (you can kind of see it in my picture). In 2016, I want to fine-tune that lived-in color and style, a la Alexa Chung: a grown-out bob made wavy with my ghd Curve iron and color that’s got flecks of blonde throughout, with warm roots.”

Now, the question remains: What are your 2016 #HairGoals?

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