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NEED TO KNOW: Before Your Next Haircut…

medium length blonde caramel highlights cut by sal salcedo

Going in for a haircut isn’t always a walk in the park and if you’ve ever had a traumatic haircut experience you know that appointments can be few and far between. So we enlisted Sal Salcedo of Ramirez Tran Salon let us in on how to prepare for a salon visit, what we can do to make sure we get what we want at our next appointment, and how to leave the salon happy.

On the day you go into the salon…

“It is highly important to wear your hair at its natural state or wear it the way you always do that way the hairstylist can realistically see things like: natural growth patterns, density, breakage & color.”

Should I wash or style my hair before an appointment?

“I advise clients to wear their hair dry and if they can, not to wash it for a day or two because that’s when hair looks like what the hair is suppose to look like. It’s ok to come in with dirty hair, it’s hard to see what hair does when it’s fresh off the shower.”

asymetrical lob by sal salcedo

What if I don’t know what I want?

“It’s good to know what you want but it’s ok if you don’t. The most important thing when it comes to coming in to a salon is to know your limits for example: “this is the shortest I could go & this is the lightest I would want to go” this makes it easy for your stylist to figure out a style for you.”

Pictures or no pictures?

“We love pictures. Stylists are visual artists, we love to see what you have in mind and go from there. Pictures allow both the stylist and client to decide what looks good in the picture and how it would actually look on you.”

long blonde layers by sal salcedo

Do I need to know any haircut terms or names?

“Dont worry about having to know haircut names or coloring techniques.  Everyone speaks a different “hair lingo” don’t stress about it. Everyone’s has their own idea of what “one inch” actually looks like so instead point and touch your hair where you would want to cut. Show an image of what you like and want you don’t.

It also helps to know your styling/hair caring rituals since stylists will most likely ask you any of these. “When was your last haircut?” “How do you style your hair?” “Is there any haircolor in your hair?” “Has there been any chemical treatments done?” All of these can help your stylist to best help you.”

Think you’ll be more confident heading into your next salon visit? Sound off in the comments and be sure to follow @salsalhair for more #manespiration.

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