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Behind Mia Moretti’s Magic Carpet Glam Sesh

Mia Moretti Mane Addicts CFDA Glam Sesh

DJ, and muse, Mia Moretti is a fashion industry favorite, so it’s no surprise that she went for it at this Monday’s CFDA Awards. She paired her sparkly Alice and Olivia top and palazzo pants with a bright red turban (that even Aladdin would cop) and short black Beetlejuice fringe. Mia looked like a Moroccan gypsy ready for her magic red carpet debut. Doe-eyed and doll-faced, Mia’s fringe gave her porcelain skin an air of the exotic. Below, we peek inside her CFDA glam diary to catch up with the multi-talented beauty and her hairstylist, Sean Michael Bennett

Mia Moretti CFDA Awards 2016

What inspired your look for the CFDA’s?

MM: Magical carpet rides, gypsy women and the French Riviera. 

SMB: A French girl who runs away to become a fortune teller in Morocco.

How did you decide on the turban?

MM: Stacey (my date) has a new hobby of collecting vintage Dior turbans that she finds online, we liked the gypsy touch the red velvet added to the glitz and glamour happening with my sequin pants and silver bodysuit.

Mia Moretti CFDA Awards Turban

Do you have any red carpet moments you regret?

MM: I only believe there are bad angles and bad lighting, not bad moments. 

SMB: I have yet to walk my first red carpet but fingers crossed I nail it.

Do you work with Sean often?

MM: I use Sean all the time. He’s so creative and he loves coming up with new concepts for our dos. I think we are both very similar in the sense that we don’t want to do something we’ve done before. We both like an adventure. 

Mia Moretti CFDA Awards Turban

How do you think the turban elevated the overall look?

MM: Yes, by at least four inches!

Why did you decide to add faux bangs and how did you decide on the color?

MM: What faux bang? Just kidding. I feel more comfortable with my hair back, and I already had a lot going on so I we decided to tuck everything into the turban. I actually have bangs right now (that I recently cut halfway through a dinner party- I’ll tell you more about that later); we knew we wanted to leave out but they were too short and the clip-in ones were a lot heavier, which would photograph stronger. Sean brought the bang clip with him because he’s done my color in the past, so he knew it would match. 

Have you committed to bangs in the past?

MM: This is my first time having real bangs since I went brunette, and it’s a fun change. Im lucky to have a good cut that looks really good with the way my hair dries naturally too, which is essential because I’m not an everyday blow out kind of girl. 

Mia Moretti CFDA Awards Turban

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to your hair/someone’s hair?

MM: I bought orange and yellow braided hair at a market in Guadalajara when I was there for the opening of Casa Fayette with Margot (the other half of The Dolls). We wrapped the braids like crowns, then we covered the whole contraption with massive flowers to hide all the bobby pins and ponytail holders we needed to keep everything in place. 

SMB: I shaved/colored a friends hair to look like a soccer ball for halloween once.

Your number one hair/beauty muse is_____.

MM: Frida Khalo, always.

SMB: It’s a tie between Peggy Bundy and Marge Simpson.

How do you feel about taking fashion risks and what advice do you have for more people to embrace it?

MM: Well, if you are going to take any risk in your life you may as well start with one you can remove at the end of the day. If I didn’t enjoy getting dressed, I couldn’t do it everyday, if there is something that isn’t bringing me joy, I remove it from my life. So, to conclude, I guess taking risks brings me joy! 

Mia Moretti CFDA Awards Turban

What age would you say was your best hair year?

MM: I think hair is like wine, its only getting better with age.

What’s one hair trend or hairstyle you ‘just can’t even’ with?

MM: Beach waves.

SMB: The “Can I speak to a manager” cut.

The one hair product you’d die without is______.

MM: Hairspray or a tinted dry shampoo that matches my hair color

SMB: Double stick tape.Mia Moretti CFDA Awards Turban

If your mane had a name, it would be_____.

MM: Delilah.

SMB: She’s such a chameleon that her hair persona name is ever changing. Depending on the outfit and concept for the night she could be a Chloe, Maria, or even a Jessica.

When it comes to hair, do West Coast girls or East Coast girls do it better? (Or, Do you think there’s a difference between hair on the east coast vs. west coast?)

MM: I think East Coast style is more unique to the individual, where as West Coast style seems to be more about mimicking what’s going on around you. So, I’m going to have to say, East!

SMB: As a southern boy I’m partial to any hair in regions that adhere to the “higher the hair, closer to god” theory.

Flower crowns or head chains?

MM: Turbans.

SMB: Neither! Throw on some bangs or a colored pony!

Mia Moretti CFDA Awards Turban

Straightener or curling iron?

MM: I don’t know how to use either. 

SMB: Mini crimper at the roots for that extra lift.

Middle part or side part?

MM: Monkey in the middle.  

SMB: Deep side part.

Something you’re dying to try with Mia?

SMB: Liberty spikes.

Mia Moretti CFDA Awards Turban

What do you think of Mia’s finished look? Would you sport a turban on the reg? Sound off in the comments below!



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