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2 Ways to Use Dryer Sheets For Texture or Smoothness

Ever wonder how the girls in magazines seem to have just perfectly tossled hair, without an ounce of frizz?  Or how hair on the runway is just so perfectly sleek, without a flyaway in sight?  Well we are here to help you achieve those model worthy locks, all with the help of a single tool:  the dryer sheet.  It may seem odd to be running a sheet used to soften your clothes, through your hair, but it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, a staple for behind the scenes styling.

1. For Controlled Texture

After you’ve achieved a wavy style, rub hair between one or two dryer sheets to create a more lived in feel.

2. For A Smooth Finish

On smooth hair, runway style ponies, or sleek looks, run a dryer sheet over the top of your finished style, or simply pull through the ends to remove frizz.

2 minutes

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