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How to Expertly Fill In Your Part

Ever wonder how celebrities just seem to look so flawless on the red carpet? They seem to have no imperfections; including full beautiful hair that photographs well.  Besides the glam squad behind their looks, there are a few ‘tricks of the trade’ that can help you to look just as flawless for your next night out.  Today we are featuring our favorite secret for fuller looking hair, especially in photographs.


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A visible part can be distracting in photos, especially contrasting against dark hair colors.  Not to mention for those of us with sparser hair types, the part can give away just how thin our hair really is.  Just take a closer look next time you see a celebrity photograph- you will notice that they nearly never have a noticeable part line.  That’s why we love to fill in the part with an eyeshadow similar to the color of our roots.  This creates the illusion of depth in the hair, while also camouflaging an imperfect part.

Simply use a dense eyeshadow brush to pick up color, and then lightly pat it on the part. You can also use the eye shadow to fill in sparse hairlines and any exposed scalp when hair is pulled back.

2 minutes

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