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Bella Hadid Does Easy Americana Glamour at Brandon Maxwell

Even though we’re just entering fall, backstage at Brandon Maxwell we can’t help but ask, is it summer time yet? Stylist Bob Recine makes us eager for warmer months already, creating a voluminous blowout that reminds us of never-ending days in the Hamptons. 

brandon maxwell blowout

“We wanted to have a really straight look, but we don’t want that flat, straight iron, dead look,” notes Bob. Not everyone gets a blowout, with certain girls walking down the runway with a head scarf wrap, meant to conjure “Montauk, Rhode Island and Sunday morning shopping,” he continues. The Americana look is “straight but with a little volume so when they walk it’s very bouncy and shiny, with the products giving the hair a gem-like sheen.”

brandon maxwell blowout

To get the look, Bob saturates the hair with Redken Full Frame 07 Mousse, blow drying hair section-by-section using the Dyson Supersonic on the high speed and high heat settings – he reinforces sections using the styling nozzle for added sleekness. To create the trademarked Brandon Maxwell Americana bounce, Bob places hair rollers on dried hair, pinning each section in place, away from the face. The rollers are left in until the very last minute to achieve lasting body. Once the rollers are finally removed, the hair is finished with Redken Fashion Work 12 light hairspray or Redken Forceful 23 medium spray, depending on hair type.

brandon maxwell blowout

brandon maxwell blowout

Just because you want straight hair doesn’t mean you should avoid curly girl tools – it turns out rollers and a great round brush (Bob uses Mason Pearson) are actually key to achieving straight hair that won’t fall flat. 

THIS volumizing mousse has major street cred.

2 minutes

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