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HALLOWEEN HAIR: Bella Thorne’s Tinker Bell Topknot

Belle Thorne Tinkerbell Topknot

Halloween can be tough when you want to look sexy, cute, and definitely not cheesy. Which is why we love the idea of turning Bella Thorne’s VMA look into the perfect Tinkerbell costume. Her mint green dress and twisted topknot make this outfit a simple, chic choice. Just add a wand and you’re good to go!

Belle Thorne Tinkerbell Topknot

“We wanted a look that was unexpected, and Bella has always been inspired by the Tinker Bell Disney character,” says celebrity stylist Brad Goreski“We wanted to give the look a modern makeover, [so] the inspiration for Tinker Bell was created once the dress was chosen and combined with a top knot.”

Belle Thorne Tinkerbell Topknot

Aviva Perea, who created the look for Bella explains that “any hair type can wear this style. I did one similar on Gugu Mbatha-Raw who has very curly hair. It could be harder to get if your hair is shorter than collar bone length but really it is basically about the placement on the head.”


  1. “Prep your hair with a texturizing spray or dry shampoo.
  2. Then pull out the top piece of hair the size of a deck of cards, just above your forehead, and clip it out of the way.
  3. Gather the rest of your hair into a very high pony tail and divide into 3 sections.
  4. Start wrapping each section around the base of the pony tail shaping as you go and then securing with hair pins.
  5. Then wrap the last piece that you pulled aside around the top knot.
  6. *optional — we decided to pull a few pieces around Bella’s face to make the look even more romantic and textured.”

Super easy!! Would you try the Tinkerbell topknot on a day besides Halloween? Sound off in the comments below!

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