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The Benefits of Using CBD in Your Haircare Routine

It’s no secret that CBD is in everything these days and that everyone swears by it. But while it’s easy to monitor pain and anxiety by immediate consumption or application of a CBD product, hair is a different story. Plenty of non-CBD-infused hair products do the trick, so how are we supposed to know that a certain item is solid just because it contains CBD? We reached out to Feisal Qureshi, founder of Raincry, who broke down the CBD haircare benefits and general key points to know about using CBD in hair products. Scroll below for everything he had to say.

CBD Is a Game-Changer for the Scalp

The benefits of CBD on scalp vitality are undeniable. Traditionally, scalp products were only used when there was a need to treat adverse symptoms like dandruff, irritation, and sebum control, for example. 

CBD now allows for a new haircare formula that combines the traditional approach of “reactive” haircare, to treat damaged strands, and “prevention,” by creating stronger, healthier hair through the scalp’s rooting system. CBD is one of the few ingredients that can help address both of these platforms simultaneously: hair and scalp; reactive and prevention.

Regardless of CBD or Not, a Mediocre Product Will Still Be Mediocre

CBD is a relatively new ingredient with many brands now racing towards its inclusion. Currently, there are only a few notable CBD-based hair formulations and can be distinguished by not only how much CBD is contained within each bottle, but also by the quality of the formulation itself.

Similar to past trends in the industry, many companies are now just capitalizing on the popularity of CBD with little or no investment in the fundamentals of haircare. A mediocre shampoo formula will always perform mediocrely—regardless of its impressive ingredients; CBD or otherwise. So be sure the product or brand has a good grasp of haircare before buying into the CBD additive and check to see how much CBD is actually being used.

I suspect over the next several months we’ll begin seeing more CBD shampoos that offer a point of distinction and help diversify this growing segment.

CBD Contains More Powerful Properties Than Some of the Other Haircare Ingredients on the Market

Clinical studies of CBD and hair are still very young and limited. We can’t answer yet, from a scientific perspective, what specifically CBD does to the hair, or why it works so well. Those studies will take years longer to come to a conclusion. But we do know, however, that CBD contains different alkaloids, vitamins, oils, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that, on their own, have been used for quite some time now and show tremendous benefit to the hair (regardless of its texture) and scalp. So, CBD appears to be an effective and well-rounded additive for all hair types, regardless of its texture.

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