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The Benefits of Using Essential Oils in Haircare, According to an Expert

Essential oils in beauty products get mixed reactions. While many of these oils are rich sources of potent antioxidants, they can significantly irritate and damage the skin. That said, are essential oils in haircare just as questionable? Generally speaking, an abundance of fragrance in any skin or hair product is considered a no-no.

But Patricia Debrant—founder of French haircare brand, Mon Shampoing—swears by essential oils in her products. Below, the expert explains why she’s so in favor of the ingredient that some may consider controversial.

Mane Addicts: Why are you in favor of essential oils in beauty products?

Patricia Debrant: They’ve been known to be excellent virtues for the skin and hair. The benefits of essential oils are recognized today, which is why brands use them for haircare and skincare.

MA: What are the benefits of using essential oils in haircare?

PD: The benefits of essential oils are recognized in many fields: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medicine. In the field of haircare, they help keep hair healthy and restore its natural beauty. They also give a lot of shine and softness to the hair without weighing it down. And we’ve worked on the natural scents of essential and vegetable oils as a great fragrance for each product in the range.

MA: Why did you decide to include essential oils in your hair products? What have you done to ensure their inclusion isn’t damaging?

PD: We decided to work with essential oils because they’re complementary. The essential oil brings the natural scent from aromatic plants and the vegetable oil brings the nourishing side to the hair. The natural shampoos currently on the market that don’t work with essential or vegetable oils have a disappointing result for the hair—it’s too dry and difficult to comb. By including and selecting the best essential and vegetable oils from all over the world, we have incredible results of softness, shine, and health of the hair.

MA: Is there anything else you’d like to add on this matter?

PD: We’ve succeeded in making natural products that help the hair regain its health, have shine, softness, and with fragrances and ease of styling on a daily basis. Hairdressers and clients are delighted with the incredible result. Mon Shampoing is reinventing the way you take care of your hair.

If you’re a proponent of essential oils in haircare, HERE’s a list of seven essential oils we recommend!

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