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3 Insane Benefits From Using a Boar Bristle Brush

You may have spotted a boar bristle brush for the first time on your grandmother’s vanity. Or maybe you caught a glimpse of the tool in the backstage footage of a fashion show or inside the kit of some major celeb stylist (ahem, the infamous Mason Pearson.)

Whatever the case, boar bristle brushes tend to make an impression on us. These tools have been used for decades and can be passed on from generation to generation. Read on to find out what benefits a boar bristle brush will have for your mane.

What is a Boar Bristle Brush?

A boar bristle brush refers to a tool made from a boar hair. Boars are commonly called wild boar or wild pig, from the family of the common pig species. Boar bristles are porous so they capture oil and distribute it well. Boar bristles are also maneuverable so they won’t cause breakage.

Conditioning Benefits

The most notable benefit from using a pure boar bristle brush is conditioning. “Boar bristle is very unique as it is the only material we know of that can naturally condition hair by transferring oils from the roots to ends and help add shine by simultaneously closing the cuticle,” explains Feisal Qureshi, Raincry Founder and Creative Director.

Oily Scalp Intervention

“When I come across a client that is in need to help regulate excess oil production,” Feisal recommends, “nightly brushing with a boar bristle brush can perform miracles.” This is because a pure boar bristle brush will capture oil from your roots and transfer it to your lengths. In the process, it will help regulate your oil production and act as a much-needed intervention.


We love a good return on our investment and boar bristle brushes seem to be just that. “A good boar bristle brush is like a fine wine, it gets better with age,” our pro explains. Feisal also has easy tips to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck when you are ready to purchase a boar bristle brush. “Check to ensure that your brush only contains boar bristle,” he begins.

Common boar brushes have nylon bristles to help the brush last longer.  “However the nylon will neutralize any benefit of the boar bristles as nylon blows open the cuticle and helps to remove oils – so you are paying more for a brush but will get none of the benefits of boar bristle,” Feisal asserts. You also need to make sure your boar bristle brush doesn’t have too many rows, otherwise, the brush won’t be able to penetrate individual hairs properly. Raincry Pure Boar Bristle Paddle Brush: $115.00 is a great option that you can invest in. The hand painted tool only uses the best quality boar bristle to ensure you get your money’s worth.

(via Raincry)

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Although spreading oil from hour roots to shaft with a boar bristle brush is a good idea, HERE is why too much oil can be bad.

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