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These 5 Hairstyles Look Best Wearing a Beret

‘Tis the season for accessorizing, and you know we have our hat lineup rearin’ to go! But not just any hats—berets in particular. They’re just so stylish we can’t pass them up. But we get that it can be challenging to nail the look just right. That’s why we’re bringing you the best hairstyles for berets.

Short Bob With Bangs

Want to make your bob really pop? Plop it under a beret. The girl pictured below looks next-level chic with her pretty-in-pink accessory and perfectly coiffed ‘do.

Long and Lovely

This look requires minimal effort. Gift those strands a good brushing and top it off with your favorite head accessory!

Hair Worn to One Side

Again, minimal effort here. Similar to the aforementioned, all this requires is some general care and you’re good to go. Wearing all your hair to the left or right side kicks things up a notch.

Soft Waves

Wow, someone really understood the fall photo opp assignment! Aside from the picturesque background, the girl seen below rocks easy elegant waves, adding some extra detail to the traditional bob. The beret complements the look perfectly.

Flipped-Out Bob

While flipped-out looks aren’t as common these days, one of the best hairstyles for berets is hands-down this very thing. It adds extra character to the traditional bob, and pairs perfectly with our favorite head accessory.

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