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The Best Grammy’s Hair From the ’90s

Anything goes at the Grammys–10 inch stilettos, down-to-there slits, and crazy hat contraptions we can’t even begin to explain. Easily one of our favorite awards shows, the Grammys requires that stars bring their creativity to the red carpet be it with hair, makeup, the look, or all three. We’ve got our eyes peeled for mega manes at the show this Sunday (Cardi B, we’re looking at you!) But until then, let’s take a look back at the ’90s legends who did it all first.


Celine Dion Center Part (1999)

Classic and chic, Celine Dion’s look from 1999 could be something worn on this year’s Grammy’s red carpet, proving that simplicity never goes out of style.


NSYNC’s Bleached Tips (1999)

Never forget! The boy band era just began heating up in the late nineties–and so did the bleached out tips! Back in the day, boys were putting in just as much salon time as the ladies.

Celine’s Pixie and Brandy’s Braids (1993)

Oh dear–Celine’s mushroom-meets-pixie look cues all the nostalgic laughs. But Brandy’s braids (and outfit) on the other hand look oh-so-good.

Shania Twain’s MOD Bun (1999)

Is that Shania Twain or Audrey Hepburn? Shania took the Grammy stage in 1999 to perform “Man, I Feel Like a Woman,” wearing a look fit for Holly GoLightly, even down to the pretty bun and short bangs.

Lauryn Hill’s Dreads (1999)

Lauryn Hill made history in 1999–she took home five Grammys that evening, the most ever (at that time) won by a female artist. She also became the first black women to win album of the year!

TLC’s Girl Group Getup (1996)

Long before Destiny’s Child and their matching ensembles was the too cool for school–or should we say Crazy, Sexy, Cool–trio TLC. Chile’s look is simple… but leave it to Left Eye and T-Boz to bring the crazy.


Selena’s Beehive (1994)

The OG Amy Winehouse–Selena’s beehive is giving us all the feels! Just one year before her untimely murder, Selena won the 1994 Grammy Awards for Best Mexican / American album.

Michael’s Tousled Strands (1993)

He might be bad, but his hair is soooo good! The King of Pop was also the King of Cool when it came to his sought after militant attire–but his strands were always tousled, textured perfection.

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Mariah’s Wild Curls (1991)

Hot damn Mariah! It’s safe to say most of our parent’s rocked Mariah’s wild, voluminous curls at some point in their lives, but they didn’t all have pipes like hers–just listen to her sing!


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Madonna’s Shiny Brunette Blunt Cut (1999)

Shiny, brunette and blunt…Madonna has always been well ahead of her time! Her toned biceps and shiny mane could easily walk the Grammys red carpet this year.

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Britney! Britney! Britney! (1999)

The last year of the nineties ushered in Britney Spears, who gave us her take on Old Hollywood glam.

And while we’re talking about brunettes–HERE are the seven shades you need to know. 

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