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These Are the Best Australian Hair Brands

Out of every attempt at regional-related “effortless beauty,” there are few places that can beat Australia. Aussie ladies are seriously the queens of “woke up like this and now I’m going surfing.” In a country surrounded by beach, it’s only natural that everyone looks like they’ve just come from spending the day on the shore. With waves, sun-kissed highlights, and long locks, there’s a definite casual beauty that Australian girls have perfected. Aside from good genes and location, we think that the ingredients in their beauty products may have something to do with why Aussie chicks look so great all the time. So you can test our theory out, we’ve rounded up the very best in haircare down under. Scroll through our list of the very best Australian haircare brands now!

Best Australian Haircare Brands

If you want Australian hair yourself, no need to venture to the Land Down Under. All you have to do is shop these Australian hair brands for the perfect beachy locks. Which brand are you excited to test out first?

Speaking of Australian haircare, HERE is why we’re slathering tasmanian water all over ourselves this summer!

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